'Falling Skies' Season 2 Preview Guide: We Don't Know These Skitters Too Well, After All
'Falling Skies' Season 2 Preview Guide: We Don't Know These Skitters Too Well, After All
We wrapped up the first season of Falling Skies with not much of a victory: the resistance may have drawn first blood, but it seems the skitters have gotten ahead to them waaay before -- and we're not just talking about Tom decided to surrender to Karen and the aliens, and boarding their ship just before the season ended.

What to Expect in Falling Skies Season 2

The first season just wrapped up, so we don't have much of an idea about what to expect on Falling Skies season 2, but we do have some ideas of what the new batch of episodes -- which will air next summer -- will explore.

First, to the immediate question: what will happen to Tom? Will his surrender at the end of the first season mean he's doomed to suffer the same fate as most of the world's population? I'm pretty sure they won't kill him off, but his moves assure us that we'll see the inner workings of the skitters and why they took over our world. And I'm pretty sure they're not just here to recycle scrap metal.

One question I really want to see answered in Falling Skies season 2 is this: who are those other aliens that act like the commanders to the skitters? Are they a more advanced form of skitters? Are they the same species as skitters, only with a different composition (say, like how queen ants differ from worker ants)? Are they a different kind of extraterrestrial altogether? And if so, why are they working together?

But perhaps the most important question is this: what's happening to Ben? Okay, so it's kinda obvious that the harnesses are some sort of reproductive device (is it safe to call it that?) that slowly transforms those poor kids into mini-skitters. Falling Skies season 2 will definitely feature more of Ben's, umm, growing pains, and I expect them to be nasty.

That leads us to another question: can something still be done to Ben? Is he doomed to becoming a skitter, or is still there another way to get those harnesses (and the holes they made) off and bring them back to normal again? Perhaps that's the leverage the aliens have, and the reason why Tom decided to go with them instead of fighting. Maybe this also means Hal gets his Karen back, but I can't tell.

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Falling Skies ended its first season strong, and season 2 is definitely a go -- and at this rate I feel we'll see more of the show in the years to come. Or so I hope. Falling Skies returns to TNT in summer 2012.

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