'Extant' Recap: Was This All a Big Human Experiment?
'Extant' Recap: Was This All a Big Human Experiment?
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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In the second episode of the new CBS show Extant, the Woods family has all the appearances of a normal family. Molly's in the kitchen cooking breakfast, John is making celebratory lunch plans, and everybody (even us!) forget for a moment that she's pregnant by some weird form of immaculate conception, two "dead" astronauts have popped up, and the two men pulling the strings -- Alan and Yasumoto -- are seriously up to something. What I appreciate about this show is that it doesn't take long to get the juicy parts of the episode.

Houston, We Have a Problem

At the outset of the show, Molly hears a strange thumping sound, as if something is banging on a spaceship door. She goes downstairs to investigate and sees that it's just the dryer. She goes on with her day and before she heads out to the museum with Ethan, she hears it again. This time it isn't the dryer. Instead, she gets a pounding headache, clutches her stomach, and passes out. Ethan finds her just as some strange movement is going on under her belly. She wakes up and tries to play off what just happened.

While at the museum, her friend Sam, who has been stalling on submitting Molly's results meets up with her. She tells her about passing out in the kitchen and seeing Harmin, the supposedly dead astronaut, in her driveway the night before. Molly speculates that he must have faked his own death and is really concerned as to why, especially when he warned her not to trust anyone at the ISEA. Sam reveals that Harmin had some abnormalities in his brain scan when he came back from the Seraphim and unfortunately Molly had the same thing in hers.

These brain abnormalities must be the reason Molly's pregnancy test came back positive right? Sam isn't convinced and the only way to prove it is to do an ultrasound off the books. That means visiting a local veterinarian's office. With dogs barking in the background, Sam uses the machine to show Molly a 14 week-old human fetus. Molly is clearly shaken up.

The Harmin Connection

So what exactly happened to Harmin during his solo mission on the Seraphim? His power systems suffered the same fate as Molly's, due to some type of solar flare. The power goes out and he goes to investigate. He finds wet footprints that lead right to his mother, who has been dead for over 30 years. Unlike Molly, however, he makes no attempts to try to talk to her. He high tails it out of there, going into the lab and barricading the door. The lights go out and Mommy Dearest shows up right behind him. He climbs up to the non-gravity part of the ship to get away but she keeps coming. He finally gets her in an air lock, hits a button, and she's immediately sucked out into space.

Molly learns all this after her attempts to access the footage from his mission prove to be above her clearance level. Taking his advice, she takes out the medical tether in her mouth that Sparks is using to track her and leaves the building. Harmin is right there to pick her up, take her to his secluded home on the coast, and tell her everything. While Molly thinks the brain abnormalities are the reason they had these visions, Harmin takes things a step further. He believes that they were the experiments and the ISEA will stop at nothing to make sure what happens to them stays a secret.

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We're Friends, Right?

After everything that went down, you would think that Molly would stay clear of Alan's house. Oh no, she was waiting for him at his home. Not only that, she tells him about the baby and asks "What did you do to me?" He assures her he hasn't done anything because they're like family. He wouldn't do anything to hurt her (yeah right!). Molly doesn't buy it, getting in her car and speeding off.

Molly goes home and as we cross our fingers hoping she tells John everything, she puts on a smile and tries to cover things up.

What else had us scratching our heads and dropping our jaws:

  • The special effects are amazing. That holographic elephant at the magic museum was so cool!
  • Was it just me or did you notice the awkward tension between Molly and Julie, John's assistant, at the new research lab. Julie didn't looked too pleased to see Molly back.
  • Yasumoto is sleeping with Penny Dodd, the disgruntled board member?! And how does he have a life expectancy of over 100 years??
  • The phrase that sent chills through everyone's spine: "I think they're already here". What are Sparks and Yasumoto talking about?? Who's here? I guess we have to keep tuning in.

Extant airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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