'The Bachelor' Season 16 Best Tweets: Week 5
'The Bachelor' Season 16 Best Tweets: Week 5
If you played The Bachelor drinking game last night, you're probably hung over. This show typified Season 16: Courtney's "winning", a David Gray song, skinny dipping, a cameo appearance from Ben's waxed chest, an Emily and Courtney evil stare contest, and numerous crying confessionals. Was anyone else conflicted wondering if that was the best or worst softball game of all time? Enjoy the top 10 tweets about this week's episode of The Bachelor, and while you're at it, why don't you cue up "This Year's Love" from David Gray. 

#10. @chrisbharrison
30 til we land in Vieques Puerto Rico. Plz put your box of wine in the locked upright position 

- Think he is joking? Some of these girls really like the sauce. 

#9. @tenleymolzahn
I adore Kacie B. & I think Ben does too! ;)

- I personally am a big Jamie fan. I had strong hopes for her when she was first introduced, but she has not done much since. Pick it up!

#8. @jasonpinter
The only way I'd watch The Bachelor is if the contestant were zombies locked in a barn on The Walking Dead.

- As long as we aren't stuck on some random old dude's farm for six episodes. 

#7. @kelseynagie
That's great, but what happens when u r back to reality & he takes u on a date to Red Robin? Mega yacht to mega not

- Something tells me that Ben is actually more of a French Laundry type of a guy. 

#6. @lobosworth
ohmygawd "I wonder if he's ever skinny dipped with a model before"...this girl is casting GOLD!! Bravo, ABC

- She sure has made writing this column that much easier.

#5. @sorority_barbie
Courtney reminds me of Ursula from the Little Mermaid when she takes human form and seduces Prince Eric

- What a poor, unfortunate soul. I actually pictured Ben more as Scuttle than as Prince Eric. All we were missing here were Flotsam and Jetsam.  

#4. @the_drunk_girl
The Bachelor just reminds me of how pathetic the dates I'm taken on are. I want helicopters and beaches involved.

- What about chocolate baths? I can't remember the last time my girlfriend took me to a spa that offers those. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I took her to one...

#3. @marnigolden 
Ps: who the heck is Jamie?? 

- Ugh, I know. My early season favorite is just wasting away and not doing anything special. 

#2. @ashleyspivey 
Ugh Jennifer's hiccup cry was killing me! Bless her heart! That girl deserves the best!

- I don't feel bad for many people that go on this show and get dumped, but I did feel bad for Jennifer. Seems like a nice person. 

#1. @marclstook 
Courtney:"Let's do this. You're only in Puerto Rico once." Says the girl who complained last week that she was just in Puerto Rico

- Just can't get enough Courtney. Till next week people. Go Pats!

Wes Dorne  
Fan Columnist

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