'Eleventh Hour' Star Discusses Role
'Eleventh Hour' Star Discusses Role
Eleventh Hour has recently made its debut on CBS, with British actor Rufus Sewell heading the show.  He already has a thriving career both on stage and on film, but he decided that taking over the small screen was another good option.  On the series, he portrays biophysicist Jacob Hood alongside Marley Shelton who plays his female bodyguard. 

Sewell was previously seen in movies like A Knight's Tale and The Illusionist, but his role in the new CBS program is something else.  After playing villains, he took the part of a crime-fighting man of science.  Wired.com got a chance to talk to the actor, and asked him how he's dealing with the change. 

“It's all about the requirements of the role and that's one reason I wanted to play this part in Eleventh Hour.  I bet a lot of people will be surprised but hopefully after they watch a few episodes, it'll be new typecasting for me,” Sewell admitted.  He grabbed the opportunity to play a good guy this time, seeing the variety the role demands. 

In playing Jacob Hood, Rufus Sewell looked up to certain people for inspiration.  One of these is Tom Stoppard, who he says is “is one of the great intellects who also has a certain humility.”  He also said that his character has a slightly scruffy way in his mindset, which he has to portray really well. 

“The great minds that I've had the privilege of working with sort of proffer these pieces of genius as if it were a humble suggestion, some silly thing that you're welcome to use if you like,” he explained. 

What Sewell is going for is the idea that having brains won't directly associate to boredom.  For him, Jacob Hood could be “[s]omeone who might make you think, "God, if I'd had a teacher like that I might have been interested in chemistry," somebody who shows you how the things around you are actually made in such a way that it ignites your interest, who doesn't make science seem like it's a million miles away but something you can actually understand.  I'm not saying I'm achieving that but that's my ideal.”

Upon its premiere, Eleventh Hour received quite a large audience, averaging about 11.6 million viewers according to data from Nielsen Media Research.  Its next episode will air on Thursday, October 16, at 10pm on CBS.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Wired.com, The Los Angeles Times
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