'Dracula' Recap: Fears and Affairs
'Dracula' Recap: Fears and Affairs
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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Tonight on Dracula, a few more bodies pile up, and both confessions and bad decisions are made by several different characters.
Tonight's episode of Dracula opens on a flashback of Vlad Tepes and his wife, Ilona, in their room, when suddenly a group storms in and drags the young woman away while Vlad is beaten on the floor. This was, of course, present-day Grayson's past, and he is recalling it as he gazes at a window where Mina, his version of Ilona, presumably is. 

Good ol' Renfield asks Grayson how long he intends to keep being such a creep (in much kinder words, of course), and suggests that this obsession must lead to Grayson either taking her or walking away. But Grayson doesn't want to put his beloved in danger, which would result from the first option, and the second option would be too much for him to bear. Bit of a drama queen, that one.

Anyway, Mina is looking for something inside the building, and she is approached by her father. He questions why she has been avoiding both himself and Jonathan, which she denies. He then asks her what "the American" is to her, and she admits that while she loves her fiancee, Grayson is a "magnetic force" that she cannot deny being drawn to.

Her father tries to reassure her by saying that, while he loved her mother, his path to her was not a "straight line," which I'm gonna take to mean he was a bit of a player back in the day. But he followed his heart, and I guess he thinks Grayson has Mina's or something.  Moving on.

Jayne's Mission

Elsewhere, Lady Jayne is frustrated with the Order because they think she didn't kill "the Elder" that is siring so many vampires around the city. But she is convinced that she did in fact kill one, and that there is another on the loose. Such pests, those elder vampires! You kill one and two just seem to pop up in its place! 

She is of course tasked with finding the other one and destroying him, so I'm guessing that's her main storyline for the remainder of the season. Lady Jayne then tracks down a vampire - not an elder one, don't get confused - by following a guy who is looking for a little lovin' from a streetwalker who happens to be a vampire. 

So they fight, and Jayne holds a gun to the female vamp, managing to get the name Vlad Tepes out of her. But before she can get further information, the vampire shoots herself with the gun instead of giving any more up. Sucks to be you, Jayne.

Jonathan's Fear

Jonathan tells a friend about the whole situation with the Shaw story, but claims he can't retract it because Grayson was very careful not to get his hands dirty and he would look guilty. 

In addition, there is no one to corroborate his story since the bookkeeper mysteriously disappeared, and the friend asks whether Jonathan thinks that was the work of Grayson and whether he may be in danger. He answers in the affirmative to both. Looks like Mr. Harker had better watch himself! And I guess the friend agrees, because he gives him a gun to protect himself. That should end well. 

The Story of Vlad Tepes

After her night out hunting, Lady Jayne talks to members of the Order about the information she got out of the vampire. She tells them, along with Browning, the story of Dracula, who she claims is not a myth at all, but was once a real person. 

Apparently, Vlad Tepes was once a medieval warrior prince who once was the head of the Order himself, before being found guilty of heresy. It was the Order, not another vampire, who created him, and she is determined to end him once and for all. 

End of An Affair

Later, Grayson goes to Jayne's place, presumably for one of their little nighttime bed escapades, and she tells him it's over. She is done with their "game," having figured out that his heart belongs to Mina and always has. 

Grayson asks whether it was obvious and she says it was to her (let's be real, it should've been obvious to everyone), before she asks whether he always saw Mina when they were "together." He says no, but she knows he is lying. So he leaves, and I guess that's it for their sexcapades. Too bad, because there isn't nearly enough shirtless Rhys Meyers this episode and I worry that's going to continue to the end of the season. 

Keeping Secrets

Jonathan and Mina have a heart-to-heart about not keeping secrets from each other, and he tells her that Grayson lied to his face to destroy Shaw. He is obviously distrustful of the man, and Mina questions why she stills works for him, because she has half a brain and it's an excellent question. All he can tell her is to "give him time," and that he has "reasons,"  so much for that whole not keeping secrets thing, buddy.

Mina's Visit

Elsewhere, Davenport talks to a man about sending men after "the lady in question," before looking at the painting of Ilona he has commandeered. So that probably isn't good news for her.

Speaking of Mina, she shows up just as Grayson and Renfield are talking about how to work out the situation with the resonator and the public's distrust of it. 

Renfield leaves, and Mina tells Grayson that Jonathan is terrified of him. He asks whether she is scared of him, and she says she doesn't know him as well. He says something about her knowing him better than anyone which, blah, I think is supposed to be romantic but shouldn't really make sense to her, but she apparently likes his "honesty." What happened to that half-a-brain I praised you for, Mina? 

Grayson then explains that there are powerful men looking to stop his progress, and that sometimes he has to match them in his ruthlessness. Mina then changes her tune and claims that he "infects" people, and that she and Jonathan will no longer be used by him. Ouch. That's gotta sting.

Lucy's Confession

Lucy tries to lure Jonathan in for another sexy wardrobe-fitting session, but quickly admits that she doesn't actually care about waistcoat materials and all that. She tells him she can't get him out of her mind (all part of her plan to hurt Mina, remember), but he tells her whatever she's feeling will pass.

But Lucy is sneaky, and tells him she won't bother him anymore on one condition: she wants a kiss to "help" her after her confession. At first he refuses, but eventually gives in, because he is a dolt, and it's  a terrible idea. 

He tries to kiss her cheek as a cop-out but she attempts to pull him in for the real deal. Soon after, she reveals that she's seen Mina going to the manor where Grayson resides, pretending like she thinks Mina is going to see Jonathan, but knowing that he will think she's going to see Grayson. See? Sneaky. 

Renfield vs. Grayson

Grayson is obviously super sad about Mina being mean to him, because he shoves Renfield, which is really not cool of him. All because Renfield is being a good friend and won't let him leave to get blood like he is itching to do. 

So he attacks Renfield again, and they tussle a little before Renfield tells Grayson that Mina makes him hate the Dracula part of himself, which is who he truly is. He reiterates that he must either forget her or take her.  I know he's just trying to stop his friend from hurting anymore, but every time he says that it creeps me out.

Mina's Attack

Jonathan goes to Mina and yells at her a little for not staying away from Grayson, claiming that she is taking Grayson's word over his. He accuses her of making up reasons to see him and flirt with him, and won't listen when she tells him none of that is true. Looks like trouble in paradise just keeps popping up for the engaged pair! 

After their fight, Mina is alone, and the men Davenport sent come for her. She tries to run, but they grab her and subdue her on a table. One of the men, the "friend" Jonathan confided in earlier in the episode, has sulfuric acid, and is about to pour it on her face when Grayson comes to her rescue. 

And boy is he brutal! He rips one guy's arm off entirely, before viciously killing the others, then goes back for the first guy to finish him off. This is all happening while Mina is barely awake, and we are not entirely made aware of how much she knows is going on. That might be important later. 

Lady Jayne and Browning see the bodies impaled outside the next morning, and they recognize the sign as Vlad Tepes' work, as he was once known as Vlad the Impaler. That's one Hell of a calling card, in my opinion.

Demand for Justice

Mina is brought to the hospital, and it looks like she'll recover just fine, much to the relief of her father and Jonathan. Grayson of course comes in and asks after her just before she wakes, and he demands to know who tried to harm her. 

She claims not to remember much, but does recall the port wine stain on the main attacker's face. Jonathan realizes who the assailant was, and storms off. Grayson goes after him, and when they realize they both want justice for the attack, Jonathan gives him the name of the man: Hackett, one of Davenport's men. 

Grayson warns Jonathan that he can't go against Hackett, as he is a well-respected, well-connected man. But Jonathan swears he will make the man talk, and he leaves to do so.

Davenport's Untimely End

Can you guess where he goes? Why, to see Davenport of course! And he's brought the gun Hackett gave him! It's all coming together so nicely, isn't it? Davenport feigns ignorance, and tries to convince Jonathan that this has all been orchestrated by Grayson. He taunts Jonathan by saying Grayson adores Mina, then tries to tell him about the painting he found proving the obsession the man has with his fiancee.

But before Davenport can reveal the painting, Jonathan shoots him. He does see the painting, however, before he flees the scene. He throws the gun out in an alley after being questioned by an officer, and it looks like he's escaped the scene of the crime successfully. 

His next stop is to see Lucy, and I think you can guess where this is going. He backs the young woman into a wall and kisses her, and this leads to a later sex scene between the two. So Lucy's plan worked after all! Well, it's really Jayne's plan, isn't it? Anyway...

Van Helsing's Revenge

Earlier in the episode, Van Helsing and Grayson had yet another chat about getting their revenge against the Order, and in a later conversation, Renfield speaks to Van Helsing about Browning and triggers another flashback for him. He pretends not to know who the man is, but we all know this is a lie.

So it's not a total surprise when, towards the end of the episode, Browning and his wife discover their children missing from their beds. Browning did kill Van Helsing's family, after all; an eye for an eye and all that. 

Grayson's Confession

Later the same night of Mina's attack, Grayson sits next to her hospital bed while she sleeps and confesses his love to her. He says she is both Ilona and Mina, and that he belongs to her, and she to him. He might as well be reciting a Taylor Swift song, if you ask me.

After this confession, Renfield and Grayson sit by a fire, and Renfield tells his employer that Davenport is dead. "Mr. Harker worked out just as you planned," he says, a hint that using Jonathan as an instrument in eliminating more of the Order was Grayson's reason for hiring him all along. 

Jayne's Jailhouse 

It's also notable that Lady Jayne seems to have some sort of vampire dungeon in this episode, where she tortures various prisoners for information on Dracula by pouring holy water down their throats. But the one she questions the most claims that Dracula can walk in the light, unlike the rest of them, and that she will never see him coming.

How soon will Jayne figure out Grayson's secret? Will Mina figure it out first? There's only a few episodes of Dracula left to find out! 

Dracula airs every Friday night at 10:00 PM on NBC. 

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