Dollhouse: Rick Fox To Stage Cameo Alongside His (Actual!) Girlfriend
Dollhouse: Rick Fox To Stage Cameo Alongside His (Actual!) Girlfriend
First reaction after reading this: "Oh, okay. I remember Rick Fox when he played with the Lakers. Never really watched him act that much."

Second reaction after reading this: "He's dating Eliza Dushku?"

What did I read? Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reports that Fox, the former basketball player-turned-actor, is set to appear on the January 8 episode of Dollhouse. Then again, it's not a really big role: it's a cameo that we'll probably miss unless we stare at the screen really closely.

Fox's quickie cameo will see him play an Active whose leaves the imprint room after getting his original personality back. Now here's the spoiler: the episode, which will apparently be called "Getting Closer", sees many, many, many Actives given their old personalities back, and being brought back into the real world, whatever that means nowadays.

Well, thinking that Dushku also acts as the producer of Dollhouse, I wouldn't be surprised. But to be honest? The one thing I'll be waiting out for on that episode--which airs two weeks before Dollhouse winds up for good on January 22--is Summer Glau's return. No dates, Topher.

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