Critics Predict Early Closure for 'Do Not Disturb'
Critics Predict Early Closure for 'Do Not Disturb'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
A day away from its premiere on Fox, critics haven't been kind to the new sitcom Do Not Disturb (Wednesday, 9:30pm).  The series is a workplace comedy about an upscale New York City hotel and its employees who are supposedly too promiscuous for their own good.

Starring Jerry O'Connell as Neal, the general manager, Niecy Nash as Rhonda Peet, Molly Stanton as Nicole, and Jesse Ferguson as Larry, Do Not Disturb has been panned and described by something as harsh as “"it made my soul vomit” courtesy of Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan.

The kinder critics have called the new sitcom (or at least the one episode they've watched) “fast-paced, non-demanding, a suitable default mode as background noise while you're doing something else.”

O'Connell's character Neal is a womanizing jerk who will go to great lengths just to make sure that his hotel remains the most highly reputed in town.  Rhonda, meanwhile, played by Nash, is Human Resources head who tries to keep everything in place.  Nicole, played by Stanton, is an aging model who oversees the front desk, along with other members of the staff.

Critics lashed out mainly on Do Not Disturb's “paper-thin” writing, something the actors can't really do much about. And it's precisely because of the old cliché's that make up a majority of the show's punch lines, Do Not Disturb is predicted to make an early exit within its first three weeks.

In other news, O'Connell may just have something to smile about despite the hateful comments.  The Carpoolers star will make a special appearance on the season premiere of MADtv on September 13, Saturday, 11pm, also on Fox. H e will reportedly spoof Senator John Edwards, alongside other cast members who'll do some spoofing themselves. Keegan-Michael Key will be Fauxbama, Erica Ash will be Michelle Obama, Bobby Lee will be John McCain, and Arden Myrin will be Cindy McCain.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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