Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 2.2 "The Family Lawyer" Recap
Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 2.2 "The Family Lawyer" Recap
Last week's season 2 premiere of Dirty Sexy Money was filled with a delicious assortment of salacious scandals.  The biggest shocker came late in the episode when Letitia was arrested for the murder of Nick's father, but there were plenty of interesting developments prior to that.  Patrick's wife went crazy and attacked him in the shower due to his infidelity, then slipped, hit her head and died.  Luckily for the Darlings, Clark the driver disposed of the body by dumping it in the country house and burning the place to the ground.  Meanwhile, Nick saw his wife making out with Jeremy, who distracted himself afterwards by indulging in limo sex with Nola Lyons (Lucy Liu).

On tonight's Dirty Sexy Money, the family deals with the fallout of Letitia's arrest and Ellen's demise.

Tonight's episode begins with a fake gossip show called VIP Insider filling us in on what happened last week.  Patrick's kids think he might have killed their mommy, which makes things slightly awkward between them.  Meanwhile, Nick (Peter Krause) has found a hotshot lawyer to defend Letitia.  Before he leaves for the arraignment, he takes a subtle stab at Lisa for making out with Jeremy. She retorts by reminding him that he wants to have another kid, which doesn't sound like a wise idea when she was just making out with another guy.

Tripp (Donald Sutherland) is a smart man.  He wants Nick to defend Letitia, thinking that the jury will be won over if the son of the murdered man defends the accused.  He brings Brian in on his scheme, and they go to work on wooing Nick to take the case.  They also ask him to choose which Darling should run the company now that Letitia is behind bars.

Jeremy (Seth Gabel) is still having sexy shenanigans with Nola, who was introduced so quickly last week that I know absolutely nothing about her.  After they make out, she tells him to remember that no matter what happens, she really likes him.

Simon (Blair Underwood) thinks Karen should be next in line to run the company, but she knows her dad thinks of her as a silly rich girl.  Then again, who else is going to do it?  Brian isn't a Darling, Patrick is busy running for office, Jeremy is Jeremy, and Juliet is off on an island somewhere.  Karen's ready to take her rightful place as head of the company.

Much like the rest of us, Jeremy is shocked to discover that Nola is prosecuting Letitia.  During the first day of the trial, Nick jumps in to act as Letitia's counsel when the hotshot lawyer reveals he didn't file the proper paperwork.  Nola wants her to stay in prison throughout the trial, but Nick brings in a group of men with briefcases full of bail money to spring her.  The shameless parade of wealth saves the day yet again.

While Letitia is mobbed by press outside the courtroom, Jeremy confronts Nola about the setup.  She claims it was a legitimate fling and that she wasn't after him for information.  Meanwhile, Nick knows exactly why the Darlings want him on the case, and he plans to present a new list of attorneys to Letitia the next day.  Brian (Glenn Fitzgerald) reminds him that he owes the Darlings his life, but the guilt trip doesn't work on Nick.

Tripp wants Patrick (Billy Baldwin) to use Ellen's eulogy as a chance to further his political career.  If the people see that he's actually experiencing loss and acting like a human being, they just might vote for him.  Over at the courthouse, Nola tells Nick that she has an airtight case against Letitia.  Her 40-year affair with the deceased certainly doesn't help matters.

Karen (Natalie Zea) visits Nick at his office to plea for the job as head of the company.  He makes it obvious that she's not the frontrunner for the position, which causes her to run and rant to Simon.  He offers to talk to Nick and stick up for her, which I'm sure won't be awkward at all.

Before Simon can arrive, Patrick shows up at Nick's office to ask him for help with the eulogy.  It's tough for him to find genuine feelings for the woman who shot him and tried to stab him with a fire poker.  Nick suggests that he write the eulogy about Carmelita and simply replace her name with Ellen's afterwards.

Simon corners Nick on the street, but instead of sticking up for Karen, he points out that she obviously can't run a multi-million dollar corporation.  He asks Nick not to sell him down the river if she ever asks what he said about her.  Harsh!  Nick goes to Tripp with his final recommendation for who should run the company, but he doesn't say who earned the big prize.

Patrick pulls off the eulogy without mentioning anything about Ellen being a transsexual, so that makes it a success.  His speech is just as heartfelt and touching as it should be, and it's even followed up by a special performance from Kenny G.  Before Kenny can bore everyone to tears, Nola shows up with the cops to arrest Letitia (Jill Clayburgh) for daring to leave the house.  Brian stands up for his mom, but the arrival of the news media and Letitia's convenient fainting spell screw up Nola's plans.  Afterwards, Jeremy tells Nola that he'll blab about sleeping with her if she doesn't meet him later that night.  The funeral comes to an end with Brian punching a cop and ending up in jail along with Nick, which makes it the best funeral ever.

While in their cell, Nick reveals that he chose Brian to take over the company.  He also knows that Brian sabotaged some documents to get the hotshot lawyer fired, which is no big surprise.  Brian begs him to take his mother's case, then claims that they both know who really killed their father.  He thinks Tripp is responsible.  Before the brothers can bond any further, Nola arrives to spring them out of jail.

Jeremy shows up at Nola's and asks her point blank if she set him up.  She admits that she got close to him to make herself feel more confident about the case, but she's still legitimately attracted to him.  He soon starts whispering sweet nothings in her ear, and a moment later they're sleeping together once again.  Over at Simon's apartment, he tells Karen that Nick didn't seem interested in listening to his suggestions about the company.  Lies!

Nick meets with Tripp and tells him that he's willing to take Letitia's case.  He says it's because they're family, but it's actually because he thinks Tripp is the killer.  The next day, Nick tells Lisa (Zoe McLellan) that he's on the case, and of course she thinks it's because he can't resist the Darlings.

Tripp holds a press conference to announce the successor for the company.  Brian prepares to stand up and make his speech, but falls back in his chair when Nick's name is called out instead.  He's now more wrapped up with the family than ever.  As this week's Dirty Sexy Money comes to an end, Lisa tells Nick that she doesn't want another baby now that he's taken the new job.  Nick walks off to meet someone with Tripp as Lisa looks on, knowing her husband will never be the same.

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