(VIDEOS) Dissecting 'Dexter': Sneak Peeks at Sunday's Apocalyptic Episode 4
(VIDEOS) Dissecting 'Dexter': Sneak Peeks at Sunday's Apocalyptic Episode 4
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Showtime recently released a video in which the Dexter writers sat around and discussed each season's "Big Bad," how they came up with the characters, and the overall lesson (if you can call it that) that Dexter took away from each season's villain. It's a great overview of the series thus far, and a fascinating glimpse at how the people who make the show look at their own work. I highly recommend you take seven minutes to watch it now.

Though the themes and structure of each season indicate this without the writers actually having to tell us so, I was still most interested to learn that they begin each season with a question they want Dexter to investigate, and then structure the Big Bad around that question.

This season, writer Manny Coto tells us, and as we've seen in the first three episodes, Dexter's asking himself the biggest questions of all: "What's next? What does it all mean? What happens after I die? And what do I leave for Harrison?" These questions have no easy answers (none of Dexter's questions do!), and have led Dexter smack-dab into the baffling world of organized religion ... and its dark underbelly, as personified by this season's Big Bads, sadistic zealot Professor Gellar and his protege/underling, Travis.

Which means, by the end of the season, it will be Gellar and Travis (and, if he exposes his Dark Passenger, Brother Sam) who will unwittingly help Dexter find the answers he seeks. But how? And why? For now, all we have are more questions. And a few sneak peek videos. This Sunday, Dexter will experience a crisis that forces him to consider religion more seriously, while Gellar and Travis's latest murders bring Miami PD closer to understanding their M.O. -- close enough that these killers finally get a name. Watch the sneak peeks of Sunday's episode, "A Horse of a Different Color":

Episode Promo: "A Killer with Faith." Try not to eat anything too messy during the episode. This is going to be a bloody one. We also learn what Gellar/Travis have been named: The Doomsday Killer(s).

Clip 1: "Imagination." Dexter and Deb discuss the latest gruesome religion-fueled murder, and what (or, more accurately, whom) it reminds them of. Will Deb finally, retroactively grow suspicious of Dexter's connection to the Ice Truck Killer, or am I just reading way too much into this?

Clip 2: "Accept the Consequences." Travis wants to go on a date, and Gellars pulls the ol' "Do whatever you want, I'll just be here, being disappointed with you" move. Classic Dad move. Except here, it's more like "classic murder-mentor/father figure/deluded demigod" move. What is the DEAL with these two, anyway? I can't wait until Dexter gets on their trail and finds out their back stories.

Mark my words: One of these two is going to murder the other by the end of the season. This much tension just isn't healthy between two co-dependent serial killers.

Check out photos from the episode:

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