Open Questions from the 'Dexter' Season 4 Finale
Open Questions from the 'Dexter' Season 4 Finale
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Dexter's fourth season was easily its best yet, a taut and suspenseful ride ending in one of the most shocking moments on television.  While it's easy to reflect on how superb the Trinity Killer storyline was, there are many serious questions left for the writers to address.

While Dexter Morgan may think the worst is behind him, his rush to kill the Trinity Killer left more loose ends and open plot holes than ever before, and at this point it seems almost impossible for him to escape unscathed.

The Raid on the Mitchell House

When the police raided Arthur Mitchell's house, Dexter has inside talking to Arthur's family posing as Kyle Butler.  While he managed to escape through the skin of his teeth, there are some substantial holes in his plan.  Surely when the police talk to Arthur Mitchell's family, they will reveal that Arthur's "friend" Kyle Butler was right there next to them.

The police will want to talk to Kyle, and a quick artist sketch should reveal that Kyle is Dexter.  There's also the problem that a man name Kyle Butler was recently killed.  How will Dexter be able to explain his connection to Arthur Mitchell?

Arthur in the Police Station

Now that the police know who the real Trinity Killer is, won't someone recognize a photo of Arthur Mitchell as a man who was recently inside the police department?  Aren't there security cameras that show Arthur talking to Dexter?  Once again, it's a corner that's almost impossible to get out of.

Why Did Trinity Target Dexter?

Assuming Dexter reports his wife's death (instead of chopping up her body and hiding the evidence), won't it seem like a bit of a coincidence that the Trinity Killer targeted Dexter Morgan?

Laura Moser

Deb isn't a person who lets things go, so it seems unlikely that she will just ignore the fact that Dexter is really the brother of the Ice Truck Killer.  Won't this cause her to look back on the events surrounding her kidnapping and ultimately lead her to piece everything together?

As you can see, there are a lot of ways Dexter can get caught, and closing all of these holes will be an extraordinarily difficult task for the writers.  I don't envy them.

I suppose the easiest solution would be for Dexter to create some threadbare explanation and hope the murder of his wife earns him enough sympathy that no one looks too closely.

But Dexter is at its best when the show's anti-hero is backed into a corner.  When all hope seems lost and it looks like there's no way out, the genius is how they do it.  I just hope the writers actually address all of these major issues instead of skipping past the difficult questions for the sake of moving the plot forward.

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