'Dexter' Season 5 Finale Video and Polls: Will 'The Big One' Live Up to Its Title?
'Dexter' Season 5 Finale Video and Polls: Will 'The Big One' Live Up to Its Title?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Names have been vague-ified to protect the innocent, spoiler-averse and DVR users: Last night's penultimate (oh, how I love that word, don't you?) episode of Dexter season 5, "Hop A Freighter," dispensed with one of Dexter and Lumen's big adversaries of the season, but left the two big ones still at large--one with an important hostage in tow. And the guy Dexter succeeded in killing isn't done causing Dex problems, even postmortem.

Ready to talk particulars and use names? If you've seen "Hop A Freighter" and want to weigh in on your hopes, thoughts and theories for next week's "The Big One," keep going. First, let's watch the preview clip for next week's finale:

Ahhhhh! Jordan Chase is the creepiest. "Tick, tick, tick." That's the sound of Dexter season 5 running out.

Let's talk finale theories. There are so many questions ... which is why I've got polls!

Jordan is holding Lumen hostage, with the intent of killing her. But first it looks like he wants to lure Dexter to her aid--probably so he can dispatch them both at the same time. (He's all about efficiency!) It's his M.O. to torture and draw out his murders, but by waiting to kill Lumen, he's opening himself up to getting stopped by Dexter. But will Dexter actually succeed in saving Lumen? And should he? Not to sound cold and insensitive (which, admittedly, I am, at least with regards to fictional characters) but I'm rooting for Lumen to die. Not because I dislike her. Because I just don't see another plausible way for this story to end. Dexter and Lumen are sweet and all, but Dexter is not supposed to have a girlfriend. She's cloggin' up the works, and she's got TA GO! At least that's my two cents. What do YOU think?

Quinn: Liddy's dead, and Quinn's got his blood on his shoe. Blood rarely lies, but in this case it could be the perfectly convenient liar for Dexter, who needs a scapegoat for Liddy's murder. I would be sad to see Quinn go the way of Doakes, but it seems inevitable. He knows too much! Will Dexter pin Liddy's murder on Quinn? Or take him out some other way? Or leave him be, since he no longer seems interested in catching Dexter? Deb's boyfriend survival track record doesn't bode well for Quinn, that's for sure. (And neither does his skin: Is he addicted to tanning? Or possibly coke?)

Deb: The preview makes it look like Deb is finally going to discover Dexter's deep dark secret. I actually think that would be an exciting twist for season 6, but the fact that it looks like it will happen in the preview is what makes me believe that will NOT happen. So who is she telling to "drop it," then? Jordan? Lumen? Quinn? Will her newly-formed psychic cop powers lead her to arrest the REAL vigilantes? I doubt it. But someone needs to go down for these murders...

What are your theories about "The Big One"? Will it live up to its name?

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