'Dexter' Review: Riddled with Guilt
'Dexter' Review: Riddled with Guilt
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Serial killers aren't supposed to care whether their victims are innocent or not but Dexter Morgan's recent mistake has turned him into one uneasy and uncomfortable monster. But it's not just because he defied the Code of Harry. Guilt is gradually eating him up now that he's killed an innocent man, making him more susceptible to risks and human emotion. On the other hand, Dexter isn't the type who laments and dwells on his blunders. In fact, he determined to quickly get past this unpleasant phase of his life and tries to move on by killing Trinity, the man who should have been on his killing table.

In "Road Kill," the eighth episode of Dexter's fourth season, Dexter wastes no time in coming up with an excuse to get close to Trinity after he learns that he's going to Tampa for an out of town build. While he tells LaGuerta and Rita that he's going to a work-related weather convention, he convinces Trinity to allow him to tag along his trip because he needs help with something vague. And we all know that killing Trinity is the only thing that will help Dexter make that bad feeling go away.

But before Dexter rids the world of Trinity, Dexter first comes clean to Trinity about killing an innocent man---a startling confession that Trinity dismisses as a hunting accident. Dexter seems inconsolable as he tells Trinity about this feeling he can't shake inside, but Trinity assures Dexter that he'll feel better now because confessions are good for the soul.

Trinity doesn't have some sort of formula for remorse but he does have a surprise that will hopefully make Dexter feel better. Evidently, Dexter coming clean about killing an innocent man has inspired Trinity to share something about his past by taking Dexter into his childhood home, specifically in the bathroom where he was watching his sister shower when he was a boy. Trinity says he startled her when she saw him, causing her to lose her balance and shatter the shower doors. As a result, her thigh got wounded from a piece of glass and she died before the ambulance arrived.  Though the whole thing was an accident, his parents blamed him for what happened. His mother later committed suicide while his father, who was an alcoholic that abused him, eventually died (at his hands).
As Trinity gradually lets his mask crumble down, we learn that he and Dexter have more than one thing in common: Both are serial killers who have submerged themselves in suburban family life and both are responsible for the death of an innocent person.

Still, that's no excuse for killing Lundy and shooting Deb so Dexter pushes through with his plan to kill Trinity whom he finds hanging off a building. Trinity wants to end his life but Dexter, who wants Trinity to suffer at his hands, manages to grab his arm. And just as Dexter decides to let Trinity go, a bunch of other builders reaches for Trinity's arm and they manage to save him. On the way home, Trinity pulls a U-turn when he finds out that a DNA swab test is being conducted at the checkpoint to find a serial killer. It turns out Trinity doesn't want to end his life after all.

Meanwhile, Deb is trying to keep Lundy's legacy alive by convincing LaGuerta to officially open the Trinity case. However, due to a conflict of interest, Deb is taken off the case though she manages to operate backstage with the help of Quinn, who suggests doing a DNA sweep to narrow down their search for a six foot four retired white male in Miami. A large budget is needed to make the plan work but Quinn bears good news as he comes up with a list of people who have donated one vacation day's pay to chip in. And so LaGuerta and Angel celebrate by having sex.

Later, though, Deb notices something about her perfectly leveled wounds. After consulting with Masuka, we learn that her shooter was not a six foot four man because of the trajectory of the bullets but it's someone with Masuka's height. Now, the search is on for a brand new killer!

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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