'Dexter' Recap: Quarter Under the Pillow
'Dexter' Recap: Quarter Under the Pillow
On this week's episode of Dexter, an old serial killer comes to retire in Miami while Deb has a long first day as lieutenant picking a new person to join homicide. Meanwhile, Travis and Gellar become even creepier, if that was at all possible.

Tooth Pain

It's Deb's first day as the head of homicide, and she decides to get more professional looking by adding a sports coat to her outfit. It looks like big changes are in the air.

Dexter gets paged out to a crime scene and finds an overweight prostitute along the shore line. It just another day in Miami. It turns out that she was beat and strangled to death and one of her teeth was unsuccessfully pulled out. This leads Dexter to look through his old book of newspaper clippings about serial killers that he collected as a kid. That sounds strange, but it's better than collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards. We find out that there was an unsolved series of murders where the "Tooth Fairy" killed woman and stole their tooth.

Back in the office, Deb has to hire a new detective to take her old spot. La Guerta tries to strong arm her into picking the person she wants, and Deb begrudgingly agrees until Batista tells her to stand up for herself.


Dexter goes to a retirement community and tries to track down the Tooth Fairy. Dexter has great luck, because he picks the correct retirement community out of the million that are in the Miami area. He soon finds out a little bit about Walter Kenney and thinks he has his man. To get closer to Walter, Dexter plays a round of golf with him and learns that the guy is a grumpy old man. Not like Walter Matthau in the movie Grumpy Old Men, just a big jerk. During the game Walter blows out his back swinging the golf club and Dexter takes him back to a bar to learn more about him.

Back in the office, Masuka shows Ryan old evidence from the Ice Truck Killer case. It seems that she was obsessed with the case in school, so he shows her little knick-knacks like his hospital badge, and a severed hand, which is in surprisingly good condition after 6 years in a Ziploc bag.


Travis and Gellar have Nathan, the unfortunate jogger, chained to the floor in their creepy church. Travis goes on a tirade explaining that Nathan needs to repent for his sins to God. Nathan gladly obliges, but it doesn't satisfy Travis. That whole church seems weird, but at least they don't handle snakes while speaking in tongues. I'd rather be chained to a floor than deal with that.

Dexter gets a call from Brother Sam that his car is repaired and he can pick it up. When he gets to the shop, Sam invites Dexter to bring Harrison to a church party at the beach. It will have all the normal party things like balloons, food, drinks, and baptisms. Dexter tries to say no, but Sam insists. Dexter goes back to the office and looks up information on Walter only to be interrupted by a hysterical Deb. It seems that she can't handle the new job and regrets saying yes to it.

Just the Basics

Dexter takes Walter to pick up some meds and other things to get through the day. You know, beers and a stack of porn. Crazy old people, don't they know that you can get the porn for free on the internet? Afterwards, Dexter drops Walter off at a storage unit and is told that Walter will take the bus home. After Walter leaves the unit, Dexter breaks in and finds a chair next to a stack of porn magazines. Unwisely Dexter sits in the chair, which is really disgusting to me. He also finds a box filled with teeth, but I'm pretty sure my grandpa had one of those and it is just one of those things that old people keep with them.

Back at the church, Nathan breaks free from the floor and tries to leave the church as slowly as possible. He is ambushed by a horse, and then Travis takes him back to the room. Gellar tells him that it is time, which sounds quite ominous.

Meat Wagon

Dexter plans on going to Walter's apartment to kill him when he gets a call from Walter who is lost at a bust station. So typical of old people. Dexter is driving him back home when Walter pulls a gun on him. It turns out that Walter looked up Dexter's information from his car when Dexter was buying a stack of porn, and then "goggled" him online. Old people say the darndest things. That's when Dexter decides to ram his car into a fence and knock out Walter. Between that and the rear bumper he just got fixed, Dexter's insurance costs are probably through the roof!

Dexter then sets Walter up for a good old fashioned stabbing. Walter then tells Dexter that he is what Dexter will be in the future, adult diapers and all. Before Dexter stabs Walter, Walter says that he wants his son to know he was a serial killer to prove how cool he used to be back in the day. Dexter is disgusted by this and suffocates Walter instead to be found by the paramedics as just another lonely old man.

I wonder how Nathan is doing. Oh, not so good by the looks of it. It seems he was cut into pieces and sewed together with mannequin parts and sent down the street on four horses. Things are about to get crazy.

It looks like Dexter will be dealing with a whole new set of insanity this season, and things are really gearing up for a great hunt. On next week's episode, the case of the Doomsday Killer hits the streets of Miami.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer