'Dexter' Fan Columnist: "Hello, Dexter Morgan" Recap
'Dexter' Fan Columnist: "Hello, Dexter Morgan" Recap
Alison Stern-Dunyak, BuddyTV Fan Columnist,  recaps one of the final episodes of the season. If you're interested in writing about your favorite TV show, click here for details.

Throughout this outstanding season of Dexter, the notion of identity has become increasingly central to the action, no more so than in this episode, "Hello, Dexter Morgan."

As the show opens, Dexter watches Battista interrogate Christine Hill--daughter of Arthur Mitchell and killer of Frank Lundy--and mulls over the nature of identity. Everyone has a public life, a private life, and a secret life, he thinks. But what is Christine's secret?

He suddenly realizes she must be Arthur's daughter. To keep the cops from nabbing Arthur first, Dexter uses the files from the city-wide DNA sweep to choose an alternative suspect. He focuses on Stan Beaudry, a long-haul trucker who killed a prostitute several years before but was released on a technicality. Using his well-honed skills, Dexter constructs a new "identity" for Beaudry--that of the Trinity Killer.

Throughout, Dex has to balance his own public, private, and secret lives. In between finding and killing Beaudry and planting evidence to mislead the police, Dexter's alias "Kyle Butler" tries to lure Arthur out into the open. "Kyle" threatens to expose Arthur as a pedophile for the kidnapping of young Scott the week before. Arthur agrees to pay him $50,000 to keep quiet.

But Arthur isn't just sitting around waiting to make a payoff. He murders a man--a real Kyle Butler--who catches him breaking into his house. Just as Rita is confessing to Dex that she kissed their neighbor, Elliott, Dexter gets called to the Butler crime scene. He realizes to his dismay that Arthur is looking for him. "Another death of an innocent man that I'm responsible for," he thinks.

While searching Christine's apartment, Angel and Deb discover a set of postcards from "Daddy" that coincide with the dates of the Trinity murders over. Back at the station, Christine denies the cards are hers and says she doesn't know her father. When Angel accuses her of killing Lundy, she lawyers up, which leads to the most amusing exchange of the episode. Quinn is upset that Christine used him, and he fell for it. Deb tells him not to feel bad for being blind to a lover's faults, adding, "I was engaged to the Ice Truck Killer--hello?" In a contest over who makes worse mistakes for love, Deb says she'll always win.

Meanwhile, Dexter is working on the Beaudry frame-up, on crime scenes, on finding Arthur. In the evening's pivotal scene, the ghost of Harry warns Dex that he's juggling too many people--those inside himself. "Dexter Morgan--blood tech, husband, father, serial killer, and now Kyle Butler, extortionist. Which one of them are you?" Harry asks.

Dexter replies, "All of them." The overly confident answer doesn't bode well for our anti-hero.

When Christine begs Arthur to meet with her, he tells her instead he wishes she'd never been born. This final betrayal drives Christine to tell the police that she'll talk to Deb, and only Deb. Christine admits to Deb her dad is a killer, and she's just like him--just as Deb's dad was a cop, and now she's a cop. Deb says that the police know that the killer's name is Stan Beaudry. Before Christine can correct the misidentification, she confesses to shooting Deb and killing Lundy. She asks for Deb's forgiveness, which she withholds. A desolate Christine pulls a gun from under the sofa cushions and shoots herself.

Following a cat-and-mouse game at the arcade where Arthur abducted young Scott, Arthur tails "Kyle" back to the police station. Arthur recognizes "Kyle" in a photo in a trophy case from the Miami Metro Homicide Bowling Team and goes to the squad room. He sees Dexter in his office, and they lock eyes. Standing face to face in the squad room, Arthur lifts up Dex's badge and says, "Hello, Dexter Morgan." Caught!

Despite the mostly thriller-type elements of this episode, the domestic side of Dexter's life isn't completely ignored. Although Dexter at first seems okay with "the kiss," he warns Elliott to stay away from Rita and then punches him. Rather than being angry, Rita gets turned on by her husband's show of jealousy.

Perhaps more important, Dexter bears witness to the secret wedding of Battista and Laguerta, The pair uses the marriage to force the chief of police to back down from charges of perjury about their relationship. After all, does he want to look opposed to the sanctity of marriage? The seeming randomness of all this makes me wonder if one of those two--Battista or Laguerta--is on the chopping block for next week's season finale.

The previews for next week look way too exciting for a single hour. Is this the end for Dexter? Have his many identities finally caught up with him? And what about the identity of his mother, Laura Moser--will Deb fully realize that her beloved father's public, private, and secret lives were at odds? Just one more week before all is revealed.

-Alison Stern-Dunyak, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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