Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.5 "Art Isn't Easy"
Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.5 "Art Isn't Easy"
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Desperate Housewives previouslies re-introduce us to John the Gardner, Bob and Lee and remind us that Daniele's been sprung from the convent. What will the ladies, and gents, of Wisteria Lane do this week to entertain us on Desperate Housewives?

Strange boxes are being delivered to Bob and Lee's house. After construction, it turns out to be this gosh awful lawn art on their front lawn. I'm not the only one that thinks it's awful and the Wisteria Lane ladies stand around and look askance at it.

The ensuing discussion reveals that the Wisteria Lane Homeowners Association has been without a president since Mary Alice died, so Catherine volunteers for the post. She confronts the guys and tells them that their art is an eyesore. They tell her that even if they don't like it, they should respect Bob and Lee's right to display it.

Mary Alice tells us that Art has come to Wisteria Lane and so has War.

Early the next morning, the guys reveal that their art is actually a very noisy fountain. Imagine water clanging on metal ... continuously. The noise awakens Mike and Susan and Susan gets into it with the guys over the noise.

Lynette's kids are in their front yard playhouse and she goes up to see how they are. While there, she receives a call from her doctor. Even though it's good news, the kids kick her out because the playhouse is a doctor and sickness free zone. She tells them that she understands and she leaves.

Bree calls the convent for Daniele and finds out that Phyllis has checked her out 'for the weekend'. Daniele is at Phyllis' home and they are plotting against Bree.

Carlos tells Edie that he's going for a weekend golf trip with the guys. She gives him a gift of golf balls with her initials on them. Carlos is actually off to a hotel for a tryst with Gabi since Victor is out of town.

Gabi, however, sees a cable truck parked across the street from her house and finds out that it's been sitting there for 2 hours. She tells Carlos that Victor has paid someone to tail her. She uses the neighborhood boys to get away without the man in the truck seeing her.

In the hotel lobby, Gabi runs into John and his new, very pregnant wife. Very awkward reunion with John and his wife arguing in front of her. It turns out that Victor is friends with John's father in law.

Bree and Orson show up at Phyllis' house to confront her. Daniele tells them that she turns 18 this weekend and she's decided that she's going to be staying with Phyllis and is going to keep her baby.

Lee and Bob ask Lynette why she's not at Catherine's meeting. When she tells them that her cancer gives her leeway to refuse to get involved with pettiness, they ask her what Catherine will target next. They ask her what she'll do when Catherine sets her sights on Lynette's front yard treehouse. They liken Catherine's campaign to the Nazi reign of terror. Lynette decides to run against Catherine when she goes to the meeting and doesn't get reassurance that her treehouse would be safe.

John knocks on Carlos and Gabi's hotel room. When she answers, he tells her that before he wasn't ready to resume their affair, but that he's ready now. As Carlos is hiding in the closet, she tells him no and attempts to get rid of him. Carlos hears some not so flattering things that Gabi said about him to John while they were having their affair. Once John leaves, Gabi and Carlos get into an argument about things that happened back then. While angry, she calls him the new John Rowland. He dresses and leaves.

Lynette asks Susan for her support and her help with her campaign. Susan tells her that she's promised Catherine her vote. When Lynette refuses to agree to help get rid of the fountain if she wins, Susan tells her that she can't support her. Lynette and Catherine embark on a campaign war. Catherine has baked cookies and the two of them make all sorts of promises and do all sorts of chores to get votes.

Bree, Orson and Andrew are at the table discussing Daniele. Andrew reminds Bree that there are only two things important to Daniele: Daniele and Fun. He tells them that Daniele is probably only at Phyllis' because she's been promised a cushy life.

Carlos goes to John's house and tells him that it's time that he forgives him for sleeping with his wife. John says that he didn't just sleep with her, he fell in love with her. Carlos magnanimously forgives him for that, too. John asks Carlos if he still talks to Gabi and Carlos tells him sometimes. John then asks if she's happy and Carlos tells him that he thinks so.

The Homeowners Association vote ends up in a 14-14 tie, but Edie calls Susan out on voting twice. When pressed to make the deciding decision, she looks out the window, sees the fountain, and votes for Catherine. Catherine then bitchily says thanks and that she'll be in touch with Bob, Lee and others regarding various infractions ... and then includes Lynette.

Bree and Orson are serving lunch to Phyllis and Daniele at the pool of the Senior Center village. After getting Phyllis to go back to her home for napkins, they congratulate Daniele on becoming mature enough to take care of a newborn and an aging grandmother. They make comments about the old people they see around and Daniele looks very uncomfortable. They bribe her with college in Florida and a convertible.

When Phyllis returns, all out of breath, Daniele tells her that they need to talk. She packs to leave. Bree tells Phyllis that anyone that would trade their baby for a convertible is not ready to tackle motherhood. She then offers Phyllis the opportunity to be around the baby and to babysit.

Catherine wants to have a drink with her husband to celebrate her win and he refuses. He tells her that he thought she came back to Wisteria Lane to be happy, but that she's just an unhappy, controlling woman. When the chips are down, you depend on friends, but she hasn't made them any.

Carlos tell Gabi that they need to do the right thing. They decide to break up with their current Significant Others and in 6 months or so they will get together. In the meantime they need to end their affair. Their very hot goodbye kiss is captured on camera by the guy that was in that cable truck.

Susan attempts to make up with Lynette. Lynette explains to Susan what the treehouse means to her kids, the escape from Lynette's illness and Susan tells her that she'll fight with her to keep it. Catherine comes over and tells Lynette that the treehouse can stay, that she's trying to be a 'good neighbor'.

Edie is talking to someone about how long and hard she's tried to fight falling in love with anyone because of the hate it would also bring. Turns out she's talking to the guy from the cable truck. She's the one who hired him and she's seen paying him for the steaming pictures of that kiss.

Bob and Lee tell Catherine that the fountain is staying. Lee tells her that he knows someone on staff at Chicago General Hospital and knows why they had to leave. The guys tell her that if she wants to continue to live peacefully on Wisteria Lane, she'll back off about the fountain.

Next week, Desperate Housewives is full of tricks and treats. Daniele shows up at Bree's costume party dressed as Bree. Gabi finds out about Carlos' hidden $10 million and she's ticked because she said that in the divorce she was entitled to half. Then, at the party, Daniele's water breaks. I can't wait ...

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