Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.2 "Smiles of a Summer Night" Recap
Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.2 "Smiles of a Summer Night" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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After a recap of secrets, Gabi and Carlos' secret affair, Catherine the new neighbor and her secrets, and Lynette's revealing of her secret, Desperate Housewives begins with the Great Wisteria Lane Crime Wave. BBQ grills are upended, laundry is trampled and skateboards are stolen. Who could have done it? We find out it was Carlos when he was caught by Edie at Gabi's house and he had to sneak back home.

The Mary Alice voiceover tells us that on Wisteria Lane, you never see despair, rage or regret. They've found that the one sure way of hiding secrets is with a smile.

The girls, sans Lynette, are out gossiping. Susan is telling them what Julie has said about Dylan not being the same girl as before and that she doesn't remember anything of her past. She begins to tell them of Catherine's abrupt departure the last time she lived there, and Catherine walks up to them and suggests a nice luncheon for Lynnette. She gets into it again with Bree when Bree assigns her to bring a salad and she wants to bring dessert. Bree says she always brings the dessert. Catherine seems to back down and agrees to bring a salad.

It's Edie's birthday and she bought herself a new car. She tells Carlos that it's from him. When he tells her that he can't afford it, she tells him to just move some of his offshore money onshore. He explains to her why he can't do that and she agrees to take back the car. He tells her to pick something else only not too extravagant. She tells him that she has an idea that's right in his price range.

When Susan goes up to Catherine's door to bring her a salad bowl, she flashes back to the last time she did this. It was her and Mary Alice knocking on Catherine's door because they saw the moving van and wanted to know what was going on. She blows them off with some story about a job in Chicago, doesn't let them in, and shuts the door in their face. Back to the present, Catherine is blowing her off again, and when Susan asks about that job in Chicago notices that it flusters Catherine. Again, she's brushed off, not allowed in, and has the door shut in her face.

Julie is telling her mom, Susan, about a party she wants to go to. Susan agrees to let her go, but then Mike interjects that he knows the house and that he doesn't think Julie should be allowed to go because of the wild parties thrown there. Susan is put on the spot and takes Mike's side. Julie huffs off.

Mrs. McCluskey sees Dylan outside and talks to her about the last time she lived there. She says something to Dylan about her dad and Dylan tells her that she was told that he left when Dylan was a baby. Mrs. McCluskey disagrees and tells her that he came around to see her.

At Lynette's for the luncheon, Catherine has switched her lemon meringue pie for Bree's. All the Desperate Housewives love it and she smirks to Bree. Lynette tells them that she kicked Tom out of chemo because he was depressing her, so she was looking for a new chemo buddy. All the girls volunteered except Gabrielle, who looks very uncomfortable. Later Lynette confronts Gabi about not volunteering and guilts her into taking a turn.

Bree is in her kitchen, busily trying to replicate Catherine's pie with no success. She tells Orson that if Catherine takes her place as THE domestic diva, she will have lost her whole identity. He suggests that he just ask her for the recipe, but she scoffs. Later, though, she does go to Catherine's house and gives her a recipe for a minced meat pie. When she asks for the lemon meringue recipe in return, Catherine refuses to share it. They get into a nasty little exchange and Bree leaves.

Susan goes behind Mike's back and tells Julie she can go to the party, but not to tell Mike. Then later, Susan surprises Mike with this hot little corset/panty outfit. While they're making out, Mike, for some reason, finds it necessary to tell Susan that he drove by the party and that it was out of control with kids drinking, puking and girls walking around topless. Of course that kills Susan's mood and she makes up this stupid excuse and rushes out of the house to find Julie.

Carlos presents Edie with a cute little birthday cake and asks what he got her. She gives him this card that simply says “Yes”. When questioned, she proposes to him and tells him that his gift to her is accepting her proposal. When he balks, she threatens him with the IRS finding out about his little rainy day fund and he capitulates.

At the party, Dylan is telling Julie about what Mrs. McCluskey told her and how it contradicts what she's been told about her dad. Julie advises her to just ask her mom about it. Then Susan walks in with that little corset on, some jeans and a shrug. The boys mistake her for a stripper birthday present and she gets offended. She embarrasses Julie and escorts her and Dylan out. At home, Julie confronts Susan about her inconsistency in parenting and Susan accuses Julie of always putting her in the middle of disagreements between her and Mike. When they walk into the house, Mike busts them about the party. He tells her not to lie to him, that he's just making suggestions, but she is Julie's parent.

The next day, Lynette and Gabi are in the hospital for Lynette's chemo. Gabi is so noticeably uncomfortable and Lynette kicks her out. Instead of leaving, Gabi tells Lynette about her dad dying of cancer, her mother telling her not to let her dad see her upset, how she was with her dad when he died with a smile on her face, so he wouldn't see her cry. That's made her into who she is, always with a smile. But she can't be like that with Lynette, and that's why she's uncomfortable. She's afraid she'll lose Lynette, too.

Bree unsuccessfully attempts the recipe again then remembers that she still has a key to that house. When she sees Catherine and Dylan drive off, she goes into the house and sees that Catherine keeps her recipe's in a box with a padlock so she has to go borrow bolt cutters from Mike. While she's still in the house, the Mayfairs return. She finds out a part of Catherine's secret when she overhears Dylan confront her mother about the lies about her dad and then Catherine telling Andrew that they have to come up with better lies to tell Dylan.

Carlos is in a diner talking to someone about how close he is to getting back with his ex and that he cannot allow Edie to mess it up. He then passes money to someone and is told that he will take care of it.

The girls have decorated Lynette's chemo area with streamers and balloons and gather together to take a picture. We then get the Mary Alice voiceover telling us that nothing is as deceptive as a smile. It covers up secrets, hurt, and secret knowledge.

Next time on Desperate Housewives, Edie flashes her engagement ring, Gabi slaps Carlos and Catherine accuses Susan of coming on to Andrew.

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