Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of January 9
Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of January 9
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Familiar faces are bound to turn up in Llanview as One Life to Live makes way for its big finale this week. As for the rest of daytime TV, expect big revelations, a shocking affair and wedding bells. Read on to find out more. 

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Drama kicks off at Dayzee's open mic night just as Nick serenades Donna. At the same time, Amber has a surprise for Rick, who in turn doesn't believe in Amber's proposal. Ridge realizes that Hope and Liam are getting close and isn't pleased at all. On the other hand, Hope finds out how Steffy and Thomas planned to keep her and Liam apart and is now grilling Thomas for answers. 

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Bo and  Hope's marriage remains on the rocks but somehow they ended up reaffirming their love by the end of the week. Will's blackmail attempt at EJ quickly backfires when EJ threatens to let Will come out of the closet. Carrie and Rafe starts to get physical, leaving Sami with the shock of her life.  

General Hospital Spoilers

Sam finally learns about her pregnancy test results and ends up feeling alone. As Ethan get to know the Woman in White, Kate makes a phone call to someone mysterious. Johnny makes an odd request to Dr. Webber before facing off with Sonny.

One Life to Live Spoilers

The final week of One Life to Live kicks off with the aftermath of Viki and Clint's tragic shooting. Viki is expected to have an out of body experience that will lead her to Heaven. Meanwhile, fans can also look forward to appearances from Luna Moody Holden, Agnes Dixon, Megan Gordon,Eddie Ford, Langston Wilde and Gabrielle Medina. 

The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Chelsea argues with Billy and Vikki after learning about the DNA results. Bill, on the other hand, gains leverage when she catches Chelsea admitting she seduced him on tape. Victor plans to marry Sharon, Adam plans to sell Beauty of Nature, while Deacon falls into a trap. Ultimately, Diane's killer is revealed.

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