Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of October 31
Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of October 31
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This week on daytime TV, a couple agrees to renew their vows, someone undergoes hypnosis, while someone might be pregnant with a dead character's child. Read on to find out more!

Days of our Lives Spoilers

Jen and Jack plan to go on a date. Brady and Madison continue to flirt with each other but Sami, who interrupts the two, urges Brady to stay away from Madison. Sami also discourages Madison from having an affair with Brady since she believes that he'll only break her heart but it looks like there's no stopping Madison from getting what she wants. Speaking of Madison, Kate plans to take her down and even tells Stefano about her scheme, which he approves. As the week comes to a close, Bo and Hope agree to renew their vows while Marlena hypnotizes John to get to the bottom of something. 

General Hospital Spoilers

Surprises are in store for Lucky and Jason as Sonny sees Carly's rage. Elsewhere, Anthony talks to Johnny about Claudia and Molly lends Kristina a hand as she prepares for Yale. 

The Young and the Restless Spoilers

With resentment, Cane decides to help Billy while Sharon is finally released from prison. Meanwhile, Kevin ponders on why Chloe is in a hurry to tie the knot, Victor threatens Adam to leave Sharon alone and Phyllis surprises the residents of Genoa through her latest article. 

One Life to Live Spoilers

Tea confides in Nora about Tomas wanting to find Victor's killer. Tomas, on the other hand, talks to Blair about the possibility of Todd being responsible for Victor's death. Later, Todd, Viki and Tina are summoned to court and Tea discovers that she might be pregnant with Victor's child.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Jackie desperately tries to keep her secret but the fact that she spent time with another man becomes known. While Hope asks Liam about his marriage, Ridge tells Brooke to mind her own business especially when it comes to Steffy. Speaking of Steffy, she makes a confession to her mother.

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