Days of our Lives: Week In Review 10/22-10/26
Days of our Lives: Week In Review 10/22-10/26
Another big week in Salem on Days of our Lives.  Belle and Sami both went to Marlena's house and told her that they would be moving in to help her while she grieved John's death.  Marlena refused, but her daughters were insistent.  After Belle left to go to church, Sami's water broke and she went into labor.  There wasn't enough time for them to go to the hospital, so Marlena had to perform the delivery.  Good thing she has an M.D. and had to do a rotation in obstetrics.

Kayla and Steve found out that Pocket has a genetic disorder that gives him symptoms of chemical poisoning, but it is completely treatable.  However, the child protective services agent decided that Pocket will stay with his new foster family, who love him dearly.  Philip insisted that he wanted custody of Pocket/Tyler, but Kayla pointed out to him that perhaps he wanted Pocket/Tyler for the wrong reasons, to fill a void in his heart.

After deciding to let his son stay with his loving foster family, he went to church and ran into Belle there.  He again told her that he loved her, and they kissed.  Shawn saw Belle's car parked outside the church and saw that they were both there, acting suspiciously guilty.  Shawn later on found out that his application to the police academy was under review because he had violated a court order in the past, and blamed Philip for bringing this to the commander's attention.  Philip drove Belle home from the church because her car wouldn't start, and one thing led to another, and they ended up having sex.  Belle was immediately wrought with guilt and told Philip to leave.  But naturally, Shawn was downstairs at the pub and the two get into a big brawl.  Hope went upstairs to talk to Belle and discovered that they had sex.  Hope eventually promised to keep Belle's secret as long as Belle promised to cut Philip out of her life completely

Bo, Roman and Abe tracked down the man who ran down John.  The man was Andre DiMera's cellmate in prison, which lends credence to the theory that John's death wasn't an accident.

EJ pointed out to Sami and Lucas that their twins don't look alike, and concluded that he must be the father of one of them.  Marlena and Lucas convinced Sami to have another DNA test done in secret to put to rest any doubts that they had about the twins' parentage.  Sami and Lucas changed their mind about Kate, and allowed her to spend time with her grandchildren.  Meanwhile, EJ made another thinly veiled threat to Sami that if they are not married immediately, someone else in her family could be in danger again.  He urged her to go to Santo Domingo to get a divorce from Lucas immediately.

Morgan, the president of Alpha Chi Theta, invited Stephanie and Chelsea to move into the sorority house.  This caused a bit of tension because Stephanie still hasn't gotten over her jealousy of Morgan liking Max.  Cordy went out on her date with Ford Decker from the bachelor auction, and came back in an emotionally unsteady state.  She decided to quit school.  Meanwhile, Ford tried unsubtly and sometimes forcefully to get into the pants of every sorority sister in the house.  The week ended with Chelsea being attacked by an unidentified assailant after going outside alone to check on her car.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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