Days of our Lives: Week In Review 10/15-10/19
Days of our Lives: Week In Review 10/15-10/19
This week on Days of our Lives was Drake Hogestyn's last, and the week served as a big good-bye to him and his character, John Black.  John was struck down in a hit and run accident.  Belle and Marlena were at his side and rushed him to the hospital where they found out that his organs were failing and he wouldn't make it through the night.

EJ thought that Stefano was responsible for ordering a hit on John, but Stefano denied it and was even shocked to learn that it had happened.  Nevertheless, EJ was happy at the tragic turn of events because he knew that that was exactly what he needed to convince Sami to marry him.  Sami repaired her annulment paper with tape and signed it.  And finally, Lucas came around to realize that in order to stop the violence, he must sign it too.

Everyone in Salem mourned for John and attended his funeral.  Marlena spent a long time wandering the pier remembering him.  Even Stefano went to the funeral to pay his respects, but he was run out by the members of the Brady family.  Marlena went home and mourned alone all night.  The next day, Belle and Sami both offered the move in with her until she can face the world again, but she refused their kind gesture.

Morgan had her date with Max, but Stephanie followed them all night.  Morgan noticed that Stephanie might still have a thing for him, so she offered to bow out if Stephanie is still interested.  However, Steph said that she wasn't, even though that was clearly a lie.

Nick called Maggie over to help him convince Jeremy to give himself up, but none of their arguments persuaded him.  Jeremy finally left Salem, after spending a moment watching Stephanie at the pub.

Pocket, who is now living with another foster family, got sick again with the same symptoms he exhibited before.  Steve took this as evidence that they were not poisoning him, and that they could soon get him back.  He tried to ask Philip to apologize to Kayla for accusing her of hurting the baby, but Philip refused.  Philip and Steve got into a scuffle at the hospital.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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