Days of our Lives: Week In Review 10/8-10/12
Days of our Lives: Week In Review 10/8-10/12
Many exciting things happened this week on Days of our Lives.  First, with the frivolous news, Chelsea and Stephanie's bachelor auction was a big success.  They raised a whole bunch of money and got the grand prize of being allowed to skip the rest of pledge week.  Morgan, the head sorority girl, took a shine to Max and paid $500 for a date with him.  Stephanie got super jealous.  She warned Max that Morgan is not what she seems, and vowed that she would follow them on their date.

Lauren, having fallen down the stairs, died before she could tell Philip where Tyler is.  She did manage to say that he was still alive.  Billie and Belle figured out that Tyler must still be in Salem, and realized that Pocket, the baby that Steve and Kayla adopted, must be him.  Unfortunately for Steve and Kayla, Pocket/Tyler was hospitalized again for having ammonia and possibly other poisons in his system, and child protective services have have moved him to another foster family.  Belle convinced the child services agent to let Philip take a DNA test.  Philip, ecstatic at the news, used the opportunity to plant one right on Belle's lips

In vendetta news, Sami finally tore up the papers that would annul her marriage to Lucas, despite EJ's thinly veiled threat that her son Will is in danger.

Stefano tells Gramps that when they were both young and in Ireland, Stefano had told Gramps about his Italian mother on purpose.  He knew that Young Gramps would scamper off to his da' to tell him about it, and that would stop Coleen from marrying Santo.  Gramps realized that he was a mere pawn in an evil Young Stefano's plan, and as revenge, Gramps went to see Andre in the hospital.  Andre was conscious, but not looking very good, hooked up to a respirator.  He contemplated killing Andre, but in the end chickened out.  Andre, looking for a moment slightly remorseful, turned off his own respirator and offed himself.  Upon hearing the news, Stefano vowed to avenge his nephew's death and wanted to charge Gramps with murder.

Belle and Marlena ended the week in heart-pounding fashion.  They went to Belle's car, which was parked in the alley behind Salem clinic because Belle had locked her keys in the car.  Out of nowhere, a car came careening and hit John, who went flying.  Everyone who learned of the accident (Sami, Lucas, Marlena, Belle) suspected that it wasn't an accident at all, but rather another hit from the DiMera family.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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