Days of our Lives: September 26 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: September 26 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Umar Abboud in Nick's apartment.  He rehashes that Artemis and DeMarquette's father is a powerful man from Sudan.

At the pub, Doug, Hope, Marlena, John and Julie read the last of the letters between Coleen and Santo, which bring us the requisite, sepia-toned flashback to the past.  Santo goes to the church to finds Coleen there.  She tells him that she can't keep living in both worlds any longer.  Her faith is guiding her.

Andre gives Sami the chance for Lucas and EJ to beg for their lives.  Lucas tells her to run away and not to trust anything Andre is saying.  Roman is still six feet under, and slowly losing air.

Nick lies to Umar that the boys are with a sitter who lives in the building.  Nick challenges him to knock on every door in the building, and Umar and tells them they are making a grave mistake.  He calls out to the boys, and they emerge from their bedroom.

In the past, Coleen accepts Santo's marriage proposal.  They hug and kiss in a manner inappropriate for a nun-to-be.  By accepting the proposal, she has left the church.

Lucas tells Sami to leave right now, for him.  But Andre says that if she leaves, he'll kill all three of his hostages.  Sami offers herself as a hostage if he lets Lucas and EJ go.  She says that she is way more valuable to her family than they are and will be more willing to cooperate with him.

Umar offers Nick money for the care that he's given the boys.  Umar punches Nick out and tries to leave, but Jeremy runs out and tackles Umar.

Lucas pleads with Sami not to risk her life.  While they're talking, Andre rips the duct tape off of EJ's mouth, who also asks Andre to let her go.  But Andre gives her a gun and prompts her to kill one of them AGAIN.   Haven't we already seen this scene, like, a million times?  Days of our Lives really does excel at repetition, doesn't it?

The band of letter-readers continue at the pub.  Flashback to the past and bad Irish accents.  Coleen is still praying at church.  She has called her brother over to the church, when Santo appears.  Santo is a bit upset that Coleen hasn't told her family yet.  He also gives her a fabulous ring as a reminder of the life they will have together.

Andre has given Sami a gun, and she points it at him.  She can't shoot him, though, because he is the only one who knows where Roman is.  EJ tells her to shoot him.  Why can't she just shoot one of them in the leg or something?  Andre already told her that there's only one bullet.  No one would believe that she's a good shot anyway.  She raises the gun and pulls the trigger, but Andre looks like she pushed him while she was shooting.  The bullet found Lucas' leg.  Sami is so furious with Andre and beats him and knocks him unconscious.  Couldn't she have done that earlier?  She finds a knife on him and cuts EJ free so he can call 911.  Lucas is furious with Sami for shooting him because he was expecting her to shoot EJ.

Jeremy has pulled a gun on Umar and is questioning him.  Nick and Chelsea calm Jeremy down so he puts down the gun.  Nick's neighbor who has been knocking on the door says he's going to call the cops.  Umar escapes.

Andre wakes up and runs away.  EJ goes after him, while Sami applies a tourniquet to Lucas' leg.  Roman is still trying to break out of his coffin, but to no avail.  The suspense, she is killing me.

Jeremy leaves to evade the cops.  Chelsea says she won't call the police, but Jeremy doesn't believe her.

Lucas wants to know why Sami needs EJ.  She says that she read the folio and the terms for ending the vendetta involve both of them.

In the past, Coleen tells the priest that she does not want to become a nun.  She says that she's found her true vocation, which is being a wife and mother, so she'll be leaving the convent.

Jeremy finally leaves, and Chelsea tells Nick that she's really proud of him.  She kisses him lightly on the cheek, and when he tries for more, she pulls away.

The paramedics take Lucas to the hospital.  Sami tells EJ that it's all up to them to end the vendetta and that it has been since the day they were born.  They go to look for Stefano.

Back in jolly old Oireland, Coleen and her father fight.  He tells her that she is bringing disgrace upon the family, but she stood her ground.  Grandpa Shawn, who is a young boy, is witnessing all of this.  Coleen decides to end it the only way that she knows how.  She leaves the family, disowned by her father, as young Gramps begs her not to go.  She shows them all the engagement ring that Santo gave her.  She gives it to the priest to use it for the good of the church and the needy.  In the present, Marlena thinks that it was the Bradys who started the vendetta and not the DiMeras, because only the Bradys hated Santo enough to stop his wedding to Coleen.

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami tells EJ about the folio, Stefano confronts Gramps.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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