Days of our Lives: October 9 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 9 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Stephanie collecting invitations as college men enter the bar to watch the game.  Apparently, they haven't told the men that they are going to auctioned off yet.

At Shawn's hospital room, Billie continues to fill in Belle, Philip and Shawn on what she has found out about Lauren and Tyler.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas refuses to give Sami a divorce.  EJ pipes up and says that the marriage is going to be temporary and in name only.  EJ promises that as soon as Stefano is dead, Sami is completely free and EJ will disappear into the sunset.

Max tells Stephanie and Chelsea that the frat guys in the bar are not going to cooperate when Stephanie informs that they are to be auctioned off.  Stephanie has much faith in her sex appeal and she makes a bet with Max that she will succeed.  The loser of the bet will donate $50 to the Haven House charity.

I am completely bored with the Sami/Lucas/EJ storyline.  The story is not progressing at all.

Stephanie turns the game off to make an announcement.  All the guys are immediately upset, but one of the guys helps her out by quieting the guys down.  Stephanie is floundering on the stage, and Chelsea jumps up to provide support.  The guys are not interest and begin chanting to have them turn the game back on.

Philip flashbacks Lauren telling him immediately before she fell to her death down the stairs that Tyler is fine.  Funny, I don't remember her saying that.  Days of our Lives should be more careful with continuity.  Billie thinks that maybe Lauren wanted to turn herself in, but Philip is convinced that Tyler must be here in the hospital.

Kayla, with Hope backing her up, is at the hospital because Pocket is sick again.  He is exhibiting symptoms of chemical poisoning again, with traces of ammonia in his system.  Kayla insists that she and Steve are diligent about keeping the cleaning products locked away.  The doctor tells an indignant Kayla that he is required to report the incidence to child protective services.

The situation is quickly getting out of control for Stephanie and Chelsea.  They have no choice but to turn the game back on.  Adrienne offers her support in any way.  Stephanie's suggests that Chelsea auction herself off to the frat guys.  The guy who befriended Stephanie, Ford Decker from Kappa Eta Sigma, comes forward with a suggestion.  He says that they should manipulate the guys by crying.

Sami and EJ again.  I will not tell you what they are talking about because it is all the same thing that we've been hearing ad nauseum.  Instead, I will tell you that Sami, although her hair is a rather unfortunate shade of platinum blonde, is pretty with softly face-framing curls.  The curious thing is, all the action from the past week or two of episodes is supposed to be happening all in the same day because Sami is still wearing the green dress with long necklaces.  She's had straight hair for the all those episodes, but now, all of a sudden, it's curly.  She must have stopped at home after almost dying to grab her curling iron.

After commercials, Sami and EJ continue their conversation.  Nothing new to report except that they have not reached an agreement.

At the bar, Ford asks Chelsea what she's going to lose if she cries.  Chelsea says that she'll lose her pride and self-respect.  Morgan and the sorority sisters are five minutes away, and Chelsea realizes that she has no other choice.

There is also nothing new to report from Shawn's hospital room.  The group has come to the conclusion for the third time this episode of Days of our Lives that Tyler must be in Salem.

In another room in the hospital, Kayla is upset about Pocket.  Hope advises her to call Uncle Mickey to act as her attorney when child protective services gets there.  But Kayla says absolutely not.  She has nothing to hide and doesn't want to appear guilty.  Hope pleads with Kayla to protect herself from such a huge accusation.

Chelsea turns the TV off again and pretends to cry.  The frat guys are immediately quiet and responsive.  She gives a heartfelt speech, and the frat guys all take it to heart.  It is unintentionally hilarious how quick they are to respond to her.

EJ is still at the bar when Stefano wheels in on his wheelchair to see Gramps.  Stefano informs his son that he has procured an annulment from the Catholic Church for Sami's marriage to Lucas.  Back in the kitchen, Sami and Lucas continue their same conversation.  The only thing new to report is that Lucas asks Sami what will happen if EJ forces himself on her, making her comply in order to save Will's life or her father's life.  With that, he turns on his heel and walks out of the kitchen.

Chelsea's ploy seems to be working.  These boys are really, really bad actors and their lines are really, really bad lines.  At this point, the sorority sisters arrive.  Morgan tells them that some of the other girls made bank on their cupcake sale--almost $300--and demands to know what Stephanie and Chelsea have going on here.  They pull a horny, long-haired frat guy over and announce that they are having a bachelor auction.  The dude is only too happy to comply, given that all the sorority girls are gorgeous.

Billie comes back from the hospital admin office.  A four-month old baby boy was left at the hospital on August 4.  Belle realizes that Steve and Kayla's adoptive son, Pocket, must really be Tyler.  She's happy at this news because they are the best foster parents one could ask for, but Philip walks out of the room.

Linda Meyers, from child protective services, comes to the hospital to tell Kayla that they can no longer allow Pocket to remain in Kayla's and Steve's care while the conduct their investigation.  Kayla is now willing to get a lawyer to fight to keep Pocket in her care.

Morgan is really impressed with Stephanie's and Chelsea's efforts.  Stephanie begs Max to be the first to get the ball rolling.  He obliges and is very popular with the sorority sisters.  He takes off his shirt, and the girls start the bidding at $100.  Morgan wins by bidding $500, much to Stephanie's shock and jealousy.

EJ asks Stefano how he procured the annulment.  Stefano says that the DiMeras have been very generous to the church over the years.  EJ informs Sami and Lucas that if they both sign the annulment papers, it will be like they were never married.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip goes to see Kayla and Steve, Lucas unsurprisingly wants to burn the annulment papers, Stephanie is jealous of Max's interest in Morgan.

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