Days of our Lives: November 29 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 29 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with breaking and entering.  Nick (Blake Berris) and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) break one of Ford Decker's windows to get it.  Nick spots Ford's webcam and realizes that they need to get out of there.

Belle (Martha Madison) is studying at Brady's Pub when she gets a call from Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) who says that he has the evidence ready in the alley behind the pub for Shawn (Brandon Beemer) to stumble upon that will help him get into the police academy.  When it's all done, he tells Belle to meet him at the hotel.  Kate (Lauren Koslow) arrives at Philip's office and he tells her that he lost her gun.

Chelsea and Nick find Ford's diary and deduce that Ford is keeping a record of all the girls he raped, and rates them.  They find out that Ford raped another girl from Alpha Chi Theta who hasn't come forward with an accusation.  This is presumably Stephanie (Shelley Hennig), but Chelsea and Nick don't know that yet.  They also find a whole bunch of prescription sleeping pills, some ground up, that Ford has been using to drug the girls.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) brings Marlena's trashbag over to Bo (Peter Reckell).  The bag contains the black dress and veil that Marlena wore to conceal her identity at the wedding.  It also contains the gun she used.

So, let's review.  There were three shots.  One of them was Kate's, one of them was Marlena's.  However, neither of them knows if it was her bullet that got lodged into EJ's (James Scott) back.  The other shooter could have been Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) or Steve (Stephen Nichols).

Philip has hired some goons to pretend to be selling guns on the black market in the alley behind the pub.  Shawn catches them in the middle of it, and he tackles the guy and tells him to give up his firearm.  Philip tells Kate that he put the gun underneath his seat, but his car was broken into.  He suspects that it is now out of state, being sold on the black market, and assures Kate that it won't get traced back to them.

Belle comes out to the pub and finds Shawn with the gun.  The goon said that he found it in a car parked behind the Titan building.  Shawn says that he has to go turn the evidence to his dad to see if it matches up with a crime.

Nick and Chelsea continue their search.  They've found mortar and pestle which Ford used to grind up the sleeping pills.  But then, they hear Ford coming in with a girl, so they hide in the closet.  In their hurry, they leave Ford's diary open on the table.  Ford makes his move on the girl, but she's not buying, so he offers her a drink.

Shawn suspects that the gun he obtained might have belonged to Philip because Philip parks in the lot behind Titan.  I don't get why Bo and everyone else on Days of our Lives thinks that Shawn has such good cop instincts.  Jumping to conclusions like this certainly is cop-like.

Belle calls Philip, who pays off the goons he hired.  He tells her to meet him at a hotel as soon as possible.

Ford notices that his window is broken and that his diary is out on the table.  He gets rid of the girl and checks around his room.  He collects all the incriminating evidence and leaves.  As soon as he leaves, Nick convinces Chelsea that they have to get out of there right now, and they climb out the window.

Shawn brings the gun over to Bo and Hope.  Bo has the same hunch as Shawn's, that the gun might have been used in the DiMera shooting.

Belle goes over to the hotel and immediately tells Philip that she can't cheat on Shawn again, but he says that he just wants to talk.  She tells him that Hope heard his voicemail the day of her wedding, and told Marlena all about it too.  Philip gains a conscience and realizes that he is putting Belle in a difficult position and tells her that it might be best if she left.  Before she leaves, he asks her whether it would be as hard for her as it is for him to watch her leave through the door.  She tells him tearfully that she loves two people with her whole heart, and it's making her crazy.  She finally says, "I love you," and they kiss again.  He breaks off the kiss and says that he can't go through with it, even though she loves him.  She's still with Shawn, and he doesn't want her to get hurt, so he shows her the door.

Nick and Chelsea have left Ford's and look at the incriminating pictures that they took.  Ford catches up with them and accuses them of gong through his stuff.

Shawn goes back to look for Belle, but Belle is at the hotel.  She walks out of Philip's room and sees Chloe stepping off the elevator.  Chloe thinks that Belle is there with Shawn for their honeymoon.

Bo gets a call from the station.  The report came back from the lab and the gun matches one of the casing found at the church.  It also has Kate's prints, so Bo goes to arrest her.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea shows the evidence against Ford, Shawn finds out that she busted Philip's mom, Shawn sees Chloe.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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