Days of our Lives: November 26 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 26 Live Thoughts
Sami (Alison Sweeney) goes over to the hospital, on today's episode of Days of our Lives, to visit EJ (James Scott).  EJ is in great spirits and playfully throws food at Sami as she enters.  He says that her care and attention are the best medicine.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) asks Bo (Peter Reckell) why EJ's shooter hasn't been found yet.  Bo tries to dismiss him, but says anyway that the Salem PD is still investigating the matter.  Stefano wants to know whether they are looking into Kate (Lauren Koslow), who has motive and means.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) has tea with Marlena (Diedre Hall).  She asks why Marlena left so quickly after Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn's (Brandon Beemer) wedding.  Marlena lies that she had an important meeting with an unstable patient.  Hope tells Marlena that Belle didn't end things with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson).  Meanwhile, in their room over the pub, Belle and Shawn lie in bed, blissfully in each other's arms.

Marlena doesn't believe Hope's claim that Belle slept with Philip.  Hope says that Belle promised to cut Philip out of her life forever after they slept together, but Hope says that it's not over by any means.

Sami is incredulous that her (false) confession that she cares about him was so effective in returning EJ back to health and good spirits.

Stefano has another suspect in mind.  He tells Bo about the woman in black who was at the church at the time of Sami and EJ's wedding.

Shawn and Belle are still in bed.  Shawn is thinking of a hearty breakfast and offers to cook them a feast.  Belle wants to call Doug and Julie to check on Claire but she can't find her phone.  And the reason why she can't find it is because Hope still has it.  Marlena is glad that Hope kept Belle's secret, but Hope's face gives her away that she told other people about it first, and Hope admits that she confided in Bo and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).  I'm getting very impatient with this set of scenes with Hope and Marlena.  Their entire is just rehashing last week's events on Days of our Lives.  There is nothing new going on.  Unsurprisingly, Hope tells Marlena that she listened to Belle's message and discovered that she is still with Philip.  Thanks, we already know that happened.  Marlena is pissed off that Hope violated her daughter's privacy.

EJ notices that Sami is upset, and asks her to tell him what's going on.  So she tells him that Lucas (Bryan Datillo) sent Will to Switzerland without consulting her, and named their daughter without telling him too.  Again, Sami rehashes all that has happened last week.  She reports that he named their daughter Alice Caroline Horton (Ali for short), but she feels pushed out of her children's lives.

Marlena pores over Belle and Shawn's wedding pictures and tells Hope to let Shawn and Belle figure out their own problems.  But Hope doesn't want her or her son to be made a fool of.

Belle remembers that she left her phone at Bo and Hope's before the wedding.  Belle panics that she needs to get her phone right away, but Shawn tries to calm her down.

Marlena tells Hope that she is over-reacting, but Hope recites what Philip said in the voicemail.

Sami continues to confide in EJ that her life is a mess and she doesn't know what happened.

Belle picks up Phlip's watch from the nightstand.  She gazes out the window, just as across town, Marlena also gazes out the window.  Hope sympathizes with Marlena and Belle for their recent loss.  Marlena offers to talk to Belle to help her straighten things out first.

Bo barges into EJ's hospital room and asks to speak to Sami.  He asks her if she remembers seeing the woman in black.  Sami realizes that it could have been Marlena.

Meanwhile, Belle is still contemplating the watch.  She hurriedly stashes it in a drawer when Shawn comes in bearing breakfast.  He surprises her with a gift: a photo album.  He wants to take lots of pictures to document their life together.

Stefano comes to visit EJ, who is pleased with how his convalescence is going.  EJ credits his quick recovery to Sami.  Stefano is pissy that he has not yet met his grandson.  Sami comes back in.

After breakfast, Shawn notices that his watch is no longer on the nightstand.  He asks Belle if she knows what happened to it, and Belle lies that she hasn't seen it.

Bo comes home to find Marlena still there.  He asks to talk to her.  He says that he knows she was at Sami and EJ's wedding, and asks if she was the one who shot EJ.

EJ tells Sami that it's time to introduce Johnny to Stefano.

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami and EJ fight about Johnny.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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