Days of our Lives: November 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 12 Live Thoughts
Another week of Days of our Lives begins!

Last time, on Days of our Lives, Belle is at the hospital with Claire.  Belle says they are going to call a cab, and Philip offers to take them out to ice cream and give them a ride home.  Belle tells him that he has to stop using Claire to get to her. Bo and Shawn question Lucas about his whereabouts during EJ and Sami's wedding.

Today's episode begins with Rolf trying to get rid of Kate.  Kate swears to Stefano's portrait that she did not shoot EJ.

At the hospital, Sami tells Stefano to go home.  Sami says that she had nothing to do with the shooting.  He insinuates that it was Roman who shot EJ.

Bo asks Lucas where he was at 6:00.  Lucas says that Billie was here around 6:30.

Sami emphatically defends Roman to Stefano.

Roman tells Abe where he was during the wedding.  A forensics investigator joins them to look for more evidence.  Roman flashbacks to the wedding.  We see him pointing his gun at EJ, but as of yet, we're not yet sure whodunnit.

Philip is still hanging around Belle and Claire at the hospital.  He says that when he was nine, he wiped out on his bike and his father took him to Lacey's to get ice cream, and all he wants is for Claire to have a similar memory.  He takes Claire to see Sami, who is also at the hospital visiting EJ.  Belle tries Shawn's cell again, but gets his voicemail again.  She leaves a message.

Bo asks Lucas if he knew anything about Kate wielding a gun at Stefano.  He lies and says that he had no idea that Kate owned a gun.

Sami tells Philip that if EJ survives the surgery, he could still be paralyzed.  Belle catches up with them and hugs her half-sister.

Roman is still lurking around the crime scene at the church.

Sami starts to cry and frantically tries to pull her wedding ring off.  She turns to find that Lucas has come to the hospital and she falls into his arms.  She says that she can't leave because if she does, Stefano will take that as a sign of noncompliance.

Kate assures Stefano that she had nothing to do with EJ's shooting.  Stefano grabs Kate around the neck and asks her if she shot him.  But she can't really talk, due to the choking and what not.  She manages to say that she did not shoot him, and Stefano releases his grip.  Bo and Shawn arrive to question them both.

Sami tells Lucas that Stefano thinks Roman shot EJ.  Sami says that he's glad that Lucas was home with the twins, otherwise, she would be afraid that Lucas did it.

Shawn returns back to the station and listens to his messages.  Philip and Belle put Claire to sleep in Belle and Shawn's room.  But they put her to sleep in a crib.  She looks big enough to sleep in a big girl bed.    Belle says that she could really use some ice cream, or a dirty martini, and Philip takes that opportunity to ask her out to drinks, just the two of them, some time.  Shawn is headed home after listening to all of Belle's messages.  Philip tells Belle that he loves her, but she tells him that he has to go.  Dude, no means no.  He leans in for a kiss, which Belle succumbs to for a moment before breaking it off.  He gives her the number to his private line.  Nobody answers it but him.  Then he finally leaves.

This is kind of why I think soaps do no favors for the women's movement.  Belle keeps saying no to Philip, but she's portrayed like she really has strong feelings for him, even though he really does nothing but pressure her to have sex and betray her fiancé.  According to Philip, no means yes.  They'll probably end up together (not a spoiler, just guessing), which will retroactively excuse Philip for all his actions.  The same is true in Sami and EJ's storyline.  EJ raped Sami.  Sami continues to tell him that she feels nothing but loathing.  Yet, she's portrayed as a silly woman who doesn't know her own mind and who secretly loves her rapist.

Bo asks Kate about the threats she made against Stefano earlier.  She denies it, but Stefano advises her to get a good lawyer.  Kate says that she was out driving between 6 and 6:30.  He asks her where she got her gun.

Lucas tells Sami that she has to leave and come home now.  Sami says that she has to pretend like she cares, as Stefano instructed.  If EJ lives, then Stefano will unleash the vendetta anew.

Roman comes to the hospital, and Sami asks him point blank if he was the one who shot EJ.

Bo continues to interrogate Kate about her gun.  She says that she got rid of it, and he asks how.  She lies that she put it in a dumpster in an alley somewhere.  He takes her hand and sniffs, maybe for gunpowder residue, and tells her not to skip town.

Shawn comes home to Belle, who quickly hides Philip's number in her bra.  She says that she's really happy for him for getting to fill out his first police report.  He asks her how she got home from the hospital, and then deduces that it was Philip who gave them a ride home.

Abe asks Bo if he took Roman's gun.  He says that he did and shows it to him.  Abe doesn't think that Roman is the shooter.  Bo asks if Abe has seen Shawn, but nobody has.  He split without telling everyone, making Bo disappointed in his son.

Everything seems to be fine with Belle and Shawn for now.  But she can't stop thinking about her afternoon o' sex with Philip.

Kate asks Philip if he got rid of the gun.  Philip says that he wants to talk to her about the shooting.  He threatens to bring the gun straight to the cops if she doesn't 'fess up.

Lucas is packing up his gun in a box and has a delivery guy pick it up.  He addressed the package to himself.

Roman swears to Sami that he didn't shoot EJ.  He kneels down and finds blood on Sami's dress.

Next on Days of our Lives: Bo and Hope talk murder, Sami is afraid that they'll all die if EJ dies.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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