Days of our Lives: May 8 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 8 Live Thoughts
Today's Days of our Lives begins in mid-kiss.  Daniel and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) are in the middle of the passionate kiss that they began at the end of yesterday's Days of our Lives, but then Daniel breaks it off and says that he can't do it.  She tells him that if he doesn't want to do it, then he can just go, but he is clearly torn up about it.  She says that it doesn't have to be difficult and kisses him again.

In the DiMera mansion, Marlena (Deidre Hall) sees that John has replaced the painting Stefano with a big ol' painting of her.

Abe (James Reynolds) and Roman (Josh Taylor) have let Ava go because she made bail.  They get a call from the pub about Bo punching out Martino, so they all head over there.

Bo (Peter Reckell) arrests Martino just as Ava gets down to the pub.  Roman and Abe crash the party and make Bo stop the arrest.  Ava is furious at her father, telling him that he should be behind bars, just like she was.  Ava asks him whether he was responsible for drugging her and then making her crazy, but Martino dodges the question.  Abe and Roman talk Bo down, trying to convince him that they have no charges against Martino.  So, Bo goes over and threatens Martino without arresting him.

Martino wants to talk to Ava, but she wants some time away from him to figure out who she really is.  She leaves, and then Kate (Lauren Koslow) asks Martino if he really drugged Ava.  He doesn't confirm or deny it.  Kate is beginning to think twice about her relationship with him.

Back at the police station, Ava shows up and offers to help their investigation of Martino.  She really wants to find out if he was responsible for turning her crazy, and she'll be willing to help them out.  I can't believe these hack cops haven't thought of that yet.  Ava says that she'll be staying at the Salem Inn, the same hotel where Steve and Kayla live.  She promises she won't bother them, but Abe will be watching her.

Daniel feels guilty that Chelsea has a boyfriend, but Chelsea makes it clear that she is going to break up with Nick.  They start kissing again, but Daniel again stops himself.  He says that he can't get involved with her because of his complicated life.  She asks him if he's married.  He's not married, no, but he's still reluctant because there is something in his past that neither of them can fix.  So it's Chelsea's turn to confess the skeletons in her closet.  She tells him about Zack's death.  Daniel knows about Zack and has known for a while.  He learned from people at the hospital.  Daniel says that he would like to live in Salem, as long as she understands that they can't be together.  Chelsea takes it very maturely.

Bo and Roman go home to find that Chelsea has gone out.  Roman makes Bo promise to take it easy and recuperate.  Chelsea has gone to the pub to talk to Nick (Blake Berris).  Things are awkward between the two of them.  They sit down and Chelsea breaks up with him, but he knew that it was coming.  He wants her to be happy, with or without him.  She asks if they are still friends, but he leaves without saying a word.

EJ (James Scott) comes home from what he calls a "potential client meeting."  (He was really with Nicole, bribing her into testifying on his behalf to the immigration officer.)  Sami (Alison Sweeney) is suspicious that he was with Nicole again, but he says that he wasn't.  Sami talks about the strange night of bonding she had with John, and now she's feeling guilty about some of the things they talked about.

Marlena is a little bit embarrassed that a humungus oil painting of herself is hanging in the room, so she asks John (Drake Hogestyn) to take it down.  He alludes to knowing a lot about their past together, and Sami walks in and confesses that it was she who told John all about it.  Marlena isn't too happy to hear about this.  EJ receives a fax, and Nicole (Arianne Zuker) walks in, getting Sami all riled up.  Sami hijacks the fax and refuses to give it up until EJ tells her whether he's have sex with Nicole or what.  He says that he's not, but she still won't give it to him, so he wrestles it away.  When he finally reads it, he learns that his visa has been renewed.  Sami bitches Nicole out and runs her out of the house, and then EJ gloats that Sami was jealous.

John and Marlena have a moment in which they almost kiss.  He talks about the disc that he found in the safe, and Marlena asks to have a look at it.  It's gone, though!

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami catches EJ and Nicole hugging, Daniel tells Lexie about his past, Marlena has jumped to the top of his suspect list.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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