Days of our Lives: May 20 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 20 Live Thoughts
There's a lot of steamy stuff going on in this episode of Days of our Lives.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Daniel (Shawn Christian) try to break off their kiss, but they can't say no to their desires.

Nick (Blake Berris) finds Max (Darin Brooks) working at the pub and confides that Chelsea broke up with him because she's into Dr. Jonas.  Max tries to be indignant on his friend's behalf, but Nick is glumly resigned to being broken up with Chelsea.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) wanders into pub, looking completely drained and despondent.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is happy to be going home into house arrest.  He can't wait until he sees Sami.  But Sami (Alison Sweeney) is otherwise occupied with tearing EJ's (James Scott) clothes off.

We rarely get to see much of the Carvers, but today, we see them in their home.  Lexie (Renee Jones) and Abe (James Reynolds) play with Theo, but it is apparent that there is a lot of marital stress between the two grownups.  Lexie is worried about Kayla's baby, and the two of them reminisce about when they found out they were pregnant with Theo.  Lexie puts Theo to bed, and then comes out to have a glass of wine with Abe.  Abe wants to get to know his wife some more in the biblical sense, but Lexie's cell phone rings.  Lexie thinks that they need to get a marriage counselor.

In the hospital locker room, Daniel has managed to get Chelsea out of her pesky shirt, but they hear someone coming in, so Daniel quickly hides Chelsea in his locker.  Good thing the girl is a walking toothpick and therefore easily able to fit into a teensy locker.  A woman comes into the locker room and immediately begins flirting like there's no tomorrow.  She introduces herself as a second-year resident, and she is quite a looker.  She basically does everything but ram her tongue down Daniel's throat.  Chelsea is incredulous at this chick's gall.  The chick says she's a surfer too and wants to go out and catch some waves with him.  Chelsea pokes Daniel through the slat in the locker.  The chick gets paged, and then Daniel lets her down by saying that he is actually seeing someone right now.  (Chelsea smiles from inside the locker).  After the chick leaves, Chelsea tells Daniel that she wants him to give them a chance.  He says he can't give her what she wants, but she says that this isn't over.

Mickey Horton tells Lucas about the terms of his house arrest.  He will have to live at the same residence for the duration of his incarceration.  If he does have to move, it will only be with the permission of the state and with a police escort.  He will have to stay within 10 yards of the perimeter of his house as well.  Lucas is a little bit indignant at these terms, but hello?  He's still a prisoner.  Anyway, he is surprised and disturbed to learn that Sami and the kids have moved into the DiMera mansion with John and Marlena.  He starts yelling and scowling and nose-whistling.  He eventually calms down, but he wants to know if there is anything else he needs to know about Sami's situation.

Like, for example, a certain tall, British man undressing Sami, maybe?  Before Sami and EJ get undressed any further, a baby starts crying.  They get up to tend to the babies and then try again.  Second time's a charm.  They make sweet, sweet love, blissfully unaware that Lucas is coming back soon to eff things up.

At the pub, Stephanie is a complete wreck over her parents and baby brother, who is still in the NICU.  She has come by to get some food for her parents.  Max rushes around to get some food and tea for her.  When he goes to the kitchen, Nick offers his support as well.  He gives her some happy statistics of preemies surviving and doing well.  He also shares with her that his funding proposal was granted, but he wants Stephanie to tell him exactly what Max said he did with his paperwork.  Steph just repeats the party line and then calls him the rock star of the physics department.  They talk about Chelsea for a bit, and then Max comes out with the tea.  Stephanie and Nick gang up on him and demand to know what he did to the papers.  Max finally says that he gave some of the papers to Professor Simmons at the university to redo some of the work.  Nick and Max separately call Simmons right away, and they both leave messages for him.  Stephanie is onto Max's lies, though.  She finally goads him into admitting that he fixed Nick's mistakes.

The final moments of today's episode are of Lucas nose-whistling on the steps of the DiMera mansion, as Sami and EJ make love inside.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla's baby is gone, Lucas walks in on Sami and EJ.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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