Days of our Lives: May 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives continues with more Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott).  Sami is still trying to deny that she didn't enjoy the kiss with EJ.

Victor (John Aniston) is up late, and interrupted by Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) who goes down to get a drink.  He threatens to throw her out and have her arrested for trespassing.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is at the hospital with Steve (Stephen Nichols) at her side.  She is having lots of contractions and she is beginning to dilate, which is bad news, since she is only 26 weeks pregnant.  Outside in the hallway, Hope calls Stephanie (Shelley Hennig), who is hanging out with Chelsea (Rachel Melvin).  Hope tells her to get down to the hospital.  Kayla's physician alerts neonatology.  She needs them on standby just in case the little bugger forces its way out into the world.

Sami admits that she doesn't have any idea why she kissed him, but that doesn't mean she wants to share a snack with him or even talk about it with him.  Sami is so transparent: EJ says that he wants to go to bed, but she makes the excuse that she wants to talk about the twins' preschool opportunities instead.  EJ's cell rings - it's the Statesville prison.  EJ talks briefly to the warden, but learns that Lucas will not be getting into the home arrest program.  Sami is devastated, but she realizes that she just has to accept that Lucas won't be coming back any time soon.  EJ envelops her in his arms as she dissolves in tears.  EJ doesn't want banter with her tonight about their confusing relationship, so he asks her directly how she feels about him because he's confused about her mixed signals.  Naturally, she tries to dodge the question, but she says that he is her husband and she doesn't want Nicole to sink her slutty claws into him.  She leans in slowly for another kiss and then finally gives into it.  Wow, this is hot.  I'm so glad Sami is finally admitting to her feelings.

Victor protests that Chloe is not welcome in his house.  The two argue about Brady.  Victor knows that Brady is divorcing Chloe, but Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) steps in and tells his father that he invited Chloe to stay.  Victor and Philip get into an argument about the secrets that each is keeping from the other, such as Philip's breaking and entering at John's mansion.  Philip has been monitoring the conversations over at the DiMera mansion for quite some time now, and he has gathered that the disk he stole is very important.  He has people working on decrypting the disk.  Victor is impressed with the way Philip is handling the situation with John Black, and he is now willing to give him more responsibility and take control of more of the company.  Victor isn't retiring quite yet, but he is just going to watch over things from the backseat.  Victor confesses that he was worried and fearful when Philip went away to war.  But Victor is still concerned that Philip has to get his hands dirty with the John situation.  Philip is thankful for Victor's approval.

After their conversation, Chloe comes in and finds that Philip is considerably colder towards her.  He obliquely threatens her not to cross him or make him angry.

Stephanie and Chelsea rush out to the hospital.  The meds that the doctors are giving Kayla are not doing anything to slow her contractions.  There is no way the little tyke isn't coming out tonight, so the doctors prepare Kayla for delivery.  Kayla tries to fight it.  After a lot moaning and wailing, she finally manages to push the sucker out.  It's a boy!  Except, sadly, it's a very silent baby boy.  The doctors rush him to the NICU, but I can't see what they can do, since the baby wasn't breathing.  Kayla shrieks with horror and sadness when she finds out.

Out in the hallway, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo (Peter Reckell) try to comfort Chelsea, who I suspect is making Kayla's emergency labor all about herself.  Hope has a verrrry long, extended flashback from the entire conversation she had with Chelsea last week about Zack.  Original Days of our Lives material must be getting thin if they have to depend on ten-minute-long flashbacks.  Geez!  Bo complains about Kayla's incarceration at the Vitali compound, and Chelsea finds out that Bo was in a gunfight (leaving Martino Vitali dead).  Chelsea is furious that Bo got himself in a gunfight because he could have been killed.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lucas is back!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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