Days of our Lives: March 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 25 Live Thoughts
It's finally time to check in to see how Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is faring post-surgery.  Dr. Daniel Jonas comes in after video-conferencing with another patient, and Kate (Lauren Koslow) gives him the third degree about why he's not being more attentive to Chelsea.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is finally leaving the hospital to get some R and R.  She's on the phone with Caroline as she walks to her car to discuss childcare of Sierra.  As soon as she gets off the phone, Ava sneaks up behind her and chloroforms Hope.

Chelsea clumsily flirts with Daniel as he checks on her.  She must be on a whole bunch of painkillers.  But Daniel is pretty hot, so I don't quite blame her.  As soon as Daniel leaves, Kate teases Chelsea about having a humungus crush on her doctor, but naturally, Chelsea denies it.  Nick (Blake Berris) pops in for a visit, bearing flowers.  Nick is excited to hear that Chelsea might be going home the next day, but his excitement is immediately quashed when Chelsea starts talking like she's breaking up with him.  She says that she doesn't want to break up, but she just wants to be a better person once she gets out of the hospital.  I don't get what she means either.  Nick confesses that a small, microscopic part of him was angry at her for jumping at the chance to be Bo's donor, and Chelsea gets all uppity about that.  Kate comes back and distracts Chelsea with stories about her new company and the ad agency war that she is in the middle of.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is ever vigilant by Bo's (Peter Reckell) bedside, deflecting requests for her to go home and rest.  They discuss Shawn and Belle's trip around the world, and then Steve (Stephen Nichols) joins them.  There's some moments of comic relief in which Kayla and Bo argue over Pop's belongings.  Finally, Daniel shows up to take over Bo's care, allowing Kayla to go home with Steve.  Bo confides in Daniel about how guilty he feels in taking Chelsea's pancreas.  He would do anything to make sure she's alright.  Daniel offers Bo a major sedative to knock him out and let him get some rest, and Bo agrees, figuring that Hope will be gone for a while anyway.  Oh, Days of our Lives and dramatic irony!

Ava has finished chloroforming Hope and stuff her in Hope's car.  Then, she grabs Hope's handbag and jacket and stuff them in the trash can.  She doesn't bother to check Hope's ID in her bag, though; otherwise, Ava would have found out that she nabbed the wrong lady.  She brings Hope back to her apartment prison and gets her cousin Angelo to carry her in.  Hope begins stirring, and Ava smarms evilly, "I'm so glad you're up Kayla.  We've got so much to discuss."  Hope plays along, not giving away her true identity.  Hope asks her what she wants, and Ava says that she wants Patch back.  Angelo takes Ava outside and tells him that kidnapping Hope is a bad idea, especially when Ava's father gets wind of it.  Ava starts crying, clearly manipulating Angelo.

Meanwhile, the real Kayla is safely at home with Steve.  They cutely start thinking of potential baby names.

The episode ends with Bo, in fitful slumber, murmuring Hope's name as he sleeps.  Ava and Angelo keep Hope locked up as they go get food to feed her.  Hope rummages around the room while they are gone and sees that Ava has surveillance photos of all the Bradys.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip gets the scoop on Morgan from Max, Bo starts getting worried about Hope's whereabouts, Hope is still incarcerated.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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