Days of our Lives: June 26 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 26 Live Thoughts
Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Daniel's date is in full swing today on Days of our Lives.  It looks awkward, though, and they are having a hard time finding things to talk about.  The watchful eyes of Bo and Hope are gone, thankfully, because they had to go tend to Sierra.  Across the dining room, Nicole is throwing back her drinks, as Trent Robbins snarks.  Nicole exposits that their past relationship was a sham and she was nothing but his little sex-toy.

At the pub, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) has just told Roman (Josh Taylor) et al. that she saw Paul Hollingsworth at the pier, smelling of gasoline.  Morgan shrieks that Chloe is lying.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena (Deidre Hall) has just shown John (Drake Hogestyn) the disc containing all of John's memories.  Meanwhile, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is eavesdropping.  Marlena demands that Rolf restore John's memories, but Rolf plays dumb.  Marlena knows that he's lying.  Lucas jumps into the room and joins in on the conversation.  John quietly weighs his options, and asks where Marlena got the disc, or whether she had it all along.  She got it from Philip, but she promised that she wouldn't divulge her source.  John guesses that she got it from Philip and is hurt that she's protecting his enemy.  Marlena wants to bring the disc down to Rolf's high-tech lab, but Rolf tries to mess with her head.  John says that nobody is going to do anything with the disc until Marlena reveals her source.  He thinks it's too big a risk.  He doesn't want to subject himself to more brain manipulation.  She agrees, reluctantly, but she won't give up the disc.

At the pub,  Roman asks Morgan why she thinks Chloe is lying, and Morgan says that she's covering for something.  Roman takes Chloe aside to question her.  Morgan interrupts their conversation and accuses Chloe of being jealous of her and Philip.  Morgan storms off, and Roman asks Chloe what Paul was wearing that night.  She stalls by asking for a glass of water.  She texts Lucas while Roman gets her water.  She gets the text message in front of Roman.  Roman asks her to come down to the station to give a formal statement, but before she does, she finally answers the question about what Paul was wearing.  Chloe also posits that neither John nor Philip would do something so reckless as setting a fire, so she thinks that Paul did it to get back at John.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) asks Max (Darin Brooks) to cool down before he goes to see his bio dad.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) suggests that Max calm down as well.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) pipes in and asks him to just be sure about his memories before confronting Trent.  Max lashes out at them and storms off.  Meanwhile, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) promises Morgan that he'll make John pay for everything.

At Chez Rouge, Chelsea wants to talk about "us," and Daniel immediately gets antsy.  He says that they are just getting to know each other in the lost art of courtship, trying to see if there could be an "us" in the future.  They are just about to order when Daniel gets a call from the hospital.  He's on call tonight.  He invites her to come along.  He brings her into an empty room at the hospital, and promises to hurry back.  After a little while, Daniel sends in a cart of goodies for Chelsea.  Daniel shows up and pulls the cloth off the cart, revealing dinner courtesy of Chez Rouge and a Hawaiian lei.  They kiss.

Nicole wants to know what Trent Robbins' motives are in wanting to get back together with her.  He says that meeting her was the best thing that ever happened to him, but he looks all creepy and evil while saying so.  Nicole can't return the sentiment because he ruined her life, but he turns it around and claims that her life was a disaster before they met and he fixed it.  He says that her father drugged her and forced her to do porn.  Nicole insists that she turned her life around on her own; he didn't do anything but turn her into his sex toy.  She breaks down crying when she remembers how Trent dumped her as soon as career took off, leaving her a broken shell of a person.  Hrm, I guess this is how Nicole became the ho she is.  Trent says that if she doesn't keep her mouth shut, he'll tell everyone about her own dirty, little secrets.

Next on Days of our Lives: Oh gawd, there's more Anna and Tony on Days of our Lives tomorrow.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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