Days of our Lives: June 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with a meeting between Paul Hollingsworth and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) at the pier.  Paul is pissed off at Philip for not stepping in with the Vitali henchmen threatened to kill him.  Paul needs his help, but Philip is mad that Paul set the fire and is washing his hands of him.  Paul admits emotionally that he burned down John's cargo was for personal revenge.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) meets with Marlena (Deidre Hall) at the pub to talk about John.  Hope thinks that since John is beginning to show more emotion, now might be the time for Marlena to try to reach out to him even more.

Speaking of John (Drake Hogestyn), he pours a Scotch for Ava, while EJ (James Scott) barges in, angrily looking for Lucas after hearing about the ultimatum he gave Sami.  Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) comes downstairs.  Then Rolf shows Nicole in, but somehow, everyone leaves the room to allow for Lucas and EJ to have a face-off.  Lucas exposits that Sami confessed to him that she is confused about her feelings for EJ.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) pays a visit to Max (Darin Brooks) who is angry that she doesn't trust him.  Stephanie asks him if he and Dean Robbins are enemies.  He doesn't want her to be involved in his messy life, but she insists that she is already involved since she loves him.  He lashes out at her, saying that nobody can save him from his screwed up life.  He apologizes immediately for yelling at her.  He finally admits that he and the dean are enemies, and he was the one who broke into the dean's hotel room.

Max goes over to the hotel to pay Dean Robbins a visit.  The dean tries to shoo him away, but Max warns him that he's going down.  Max surreptitiously places the photograph of his mother on the table, then draws attention to it.  Robbins tries to throw him out, as Stephanie pounds on the door, looking for Max.  Robbins tells Max to open the door and let Stephanie in, and Max demands that he ID the woman in the photo.  Robbins threatens to call the cops, but Max calls him out on his bluff.  He knows that Robbins knows something important.

At the pub, Marlena tells Hope that she has already tried everything in her power to bring the old John back, and failed.  Hope asks Marlena, as a cop and not as a friend, if she thinks John is capable of smuggling drugs.  Marlena admits that she isn't sure.  Ava and Nicole come to the pub and see Hope and Marlena sitting together.  Ava approaches them and invites them to have a drink, in an attempt to make nice.  Hope snarls at her, so Ava just goes to sit down with Nicole.  Nicole opens up about how her past is coming back to haunt her.  Turns out, when she was young and stupid, she was hurt by someone who is back in Salem.  Ava offers her vast mafiosa resources in case Nicole ever needs them.

Hope asks Marlena to try to get John to back off on investigating the Kiriakis stuff on his own.  Marlena agrees to try one more time, and gets her chance because John walks into the pub.  She approaches him and asks him to have dinner with her tonight.  He declines because he doesn't want to grovel for her approval anymore.  He leaves the pub with Ava.

EJ goes to see Nicole at home, but not for business.  He wants to talk to her about his Sami problems.  He isn't planning to move out, but his feelings are still hurt.  He needs Nicole for a little fun distraction, and they start kissing.  Uh oh, we all know what kissing leads to on Days of our Lives.

Down at the docks, Paul changes his tack.  He gets on his knees and begs Philip not to cut him loose.  Philip advises him to leave town.  A little later on, Paul calls Morgan and asks her to meet him down there.  He tells her that he's going to leave town and wanted to say good-bye.  Philip finds Morgan alone, crying about her father.  She asks him to make sure that nothing will happen to her father.  Philip evades the question, and then Morgan kisses him.

Next on Days of our Lives: John apologizes to Marlena, Chloe catches EJ and Nicole kissing, Max threatens Trent Robbins.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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