Days of our Lives: July 24 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 24 Live Thoughts
Thanks to the helpful map of France, we know that Max (Darin Brooks) and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) are nearly in Marseilles on Days of our Lives.  They are only an hour and a half away, but there's un peut de rétard (a slight delay) according the the train conductor.

Daniel (Shawn Christian) takes Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) up to the roof of his new apartment.  Chelsea admires the view.

Meanwhile, Steve (Stephen Nichols) reads a book called Daddy Don't Drop Me (ha!), as Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) finishes putting Joey to bed.  Steve apologizes to her for his role in Grandpa Shawn's death. Kayla says it wasn't his fault, it was all Ava's fault.

At the DiMera mansion, Ava has just finished her meeting with EJ.  John (Drake Hogestyn) comes in an commiserates that he's still facing charges himself.  She suggests that maybe the two of them should skip bail and flee the country.  John appreciates the sentiment, but he doesn't want to run.  Ava wonders if it's because of Marlena that he doesn't want to leave.  He says it's not because of Blondie.  He is also concerned that Ava has already given up hope of being free, so he offers to make a phone call on her behalf.

Morgan interrupts Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Bo's (Peter Reckell) heated argument.  With a sad, sad face, she cries to Philip that her father is probably dead.  Philip offers to take her somewhere else to get her mind off of things.

Up on the roof, Chelsea and Daniel make out.  Daniel admits that she is the only reason keeping him in Salem.  Way to put a lot of pressure on her, dude.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) goes over to Roman (Josh Taylor) to give her notes from her session with Ava.  All that is in the note is she is ethically unable to share what was discussed in the session because Ava came to her.  (If the police sent Marlena to talk to her, that would be another story.)  Marlena also plans to go down to Steve and Kayla's and apologize for the misunderstanding about Ava subletting Sami's apartment, something John made Sami do.  Marlena walks out of Roman's office to find Bo throwing a temper tantrum over Philip.  Before Philip and Morgan take off, he advises Philip not to hang out with Morgan, since he is probably one of the prime suspects in Paul's disappearance.

In France, Stephanie and Max are 30 miles from Marseilles, but they don't know how long the delay will be.  There is something on the tracks.  Plus, when they get to Marseilles, they don't even know where to look for his sister.  All they have to go on is the location of the cell tower and a name, Melanie Layton.  Stephanie gets on the phone with an old French friend who knows the area and tells her that there is an exclusive girls' boarding school near the cell tower where his sister might be a student.  Max calls the school, but he doesn't get any information, so Stephanie shows him how it's done.  She confirms that Melanie is a student there.  Then she calls her parents to give them an update on the trip.  After she gets off the phone, she suggests that she and Max engage in some nooky to pass the time before they get to Marseilles.

Marlena and Roman drop by Steve and Kayla's.  Roman asks them to testify at Ava's trial.  Roman reminds Steve that none of this is his fault.  Meanwhile, Marlena explains to Kayla that Ava moving in across the hall was all John's idea.  Marlena also enlists Kayla's help to try to find out what Bo's up to.

Meanwhile, Bo has gathered all the evidence from the Paul Hollingsworth case in an attempt to find something he might have missed before.  He can't get very far because Steve, at Kayla's request, calls him up and asks him if he wants to get a beer.  They meet at the pub, and Steve admits that Marlena and Kayla wanted him to ask Bo what's going on.  Bo finally admits that he covered up some evidence to protect Philip.

Marlena goes by the DiMera mansion to tell Ava that she won't be testifying against her in trial because their session is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality.  In private, Marlena wants to ask John an important question.  He guesses that she wants to know whether he killed Paul Hollingsworth.  Ava eavesdrops from the other room.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip talks to Kate, Bo continues to tell Steve about his case, Marlena asks John if he wants a divorce.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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