Days of our Lives: January 8 Recap
Days of our Lives: January 8 Recap
On today's Days of our Lives, Billie (Julie Pinson) rushes to the police station at Kate's (Lauren Koslow) request.  Kate needs Billie's help to convince Lucas to take Kate's advice.  It's funny that Billie and Kate are supposed to be mother and daughter because they look like they are the same age.

Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) go over to Marlena's where Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is watching Claire.  The two men have a tense standoff.  Shawn says that Philip may have succeeded in stealing his wife, but he's not going to steal his daughter too.

EJ (James Scott) demands that Rolf spill everything he knows about the houseguest.  But Rolf refuses to give up the goods.

Marlena (Deidre Hall), with Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Belle (Martha Madison) in tow, demands that Bo (Peter Reckell) and the rest of the Salem PD do whatever it takes to protect them from the DiMeras.  Abe Carver (James Reynolds) tries to defuse the situation, but Marlena is adamant.  Roman (Josh Taylor) tells the women that he has a personal stake in nabbing Stefano as well, but Marlena isn't satisfied.  The police promise to look into Brady's disappearance as well as try to get Stefano.

Kate tells Billie all about what happened in Lucas' prison cell.  But Lucas still doesn't want to see him.  Billie advises her mother to give him space.

After Shawn leaves with Claire, Philip instructs Chloe to go back to the pub to talk smack about him to Shawn.  His plan is this: he wants Shawn to get riled up over Philip, which means he will confront Belle about Philip and get madder, which means that Philip will look better in Belle's eyes.  This is a complicated plan, and I wonder how well it will work.  Philip asks Chloe about what happened in Austria between her and Brady, but she immediately gets defensive and snaps at him.  He backs off, and just asks her to keep helping him with his plan concerning Belle.

EJ is snooping around the DiMera mansion, trying to find out what's going on with the houseguest.  He espies Rolf coming out of a room with a big steel door.  As soon as he's gone, EJ sneaks into the room to find all sorts of medical equipment, plus a shrouded body on an examining table.  He pulls off the sheet to reveal John Black!  Dun dun dun!  Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) appears suddenly and remarks proudly how magnificent John is.  EJ blows up at his father.  He's furious for bringing FrankenJohn back because that effectively kills all chances of Sami coming back to him.  He tries to call and report his father, but Stefano takes his phone.  Stefano says that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means killing EJ.

Belle and Marlena come home, and Philip tells Belle that Shawn came to pick up Claire and is at the pub with Chloe.  Philip says that Shawn isn't very happy with her for letting Philip babysit, and Belle gets indignant because she thought that she was doing Shawn a favor by not asking him to leave his academy orientation.  Marlena tells her to stop being such a baby.  Sensing a maternal squabble, Philip makes himself scarce.  As soon as he's gone, Marlena points out that Belle could have called anyone else to babysit, but she called Philip so, of course, Shawn would be upset.  Belle realizes that she made a mistake, but she still doesn't know why she called Philip.  In the middle of their conversation, Marlena abruptly leaves to answer her cell phone.

At the pub, Chloe lays on the flattery thick with Shawn.  She smarms about what a great parents Shawn is.  Chloe observes how different he and Philip are: Shawn is so real, but Philip is fake.  After a while, Chloe gets up to leave, but suggests that they get together again soon.  Shawn immediately asks if she wants to go to the Cheatin' Heart tonight for a round of beers and some pool.  She accepts.

At the police station, Bo and Roman search through all their records to find anything at all about Crystal.  Roman finds out that the building next to the cleaners, where Marlena first met Crystal, is owned by a DiMera, but not Stefano.  The deed shows that the person's name is C.B. DiMera, so there must be a brand new player in Salem.

Kate asks Philip to meet her at the police station.  She begs him to convince Lucas to talk to her, but Philip doesn't want to.  He doesn't really believe that Lucas' life is in danger, and Kate can't convince him otherwise.

EJ barges into Sami's apartment, saying he's worried about her and Johnny.  He tells her that he defied Stefano, which means that she and Johnny could be his next target.  EJ used to think that Stefano was just manipulative and controlling, but now he thinks he might be a sociopath.  He just says that he and Stefano had an argument, but Sami sees that there is more to it than that.  She begs him for anything on Stefano that they can take to the police, and EJ says that there is something big.

Stefano gives FrankenJohn a dossier to study.  He wants him especially to learn all the details about the woman who keeps secrets, to whom Stefano would like to teach the meaning of the word vengeance.  He must be ready to move at a moment's notice, and this woman is to be FrankenJohn's destiny, his passion.  I'm guessing that FrankenJohn didn't retain any of his memories, but his scowl is alive and kicking.  It's like a whole, separate organism residing on his brow.

Belle is at home, watching a movie and eating a whole gallon of ice cream.  Marlena joins her.  They share a nice moment, offering support to each other. 

Next on Days of our Lives: Max continues to support Stephanie, Crystal plans something, Marlena pulls a gun on Stefano.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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