Days of our Lives: January 4 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: January 4 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives today, Belle (Martha Madison) and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) tell Marlena (Deidre Hall) about Belle's frightening encounter from yesterday's Days of our Lives.  Marlena is starting to make conspiracy theories connecting John's death to Brady's kidnapping to Belle and Claire's near-kidnapping.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) is on the phone trying to reach Will in Switzerland.  She tells Roman (Josh Taylor) that Will has been avoiding her calls.

EJ (James Scott) goes to the police station to see Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), but he's not allowed in because he's not technically family.  Meanwhile, Lucas is in his jail cell with Stefano's henchman who looks like he should be on The Biggest Loser campus.  The henchman hasn't started beating the crap out of Lucas yet, and instead makes conversation.

Belle plays down her near-kidnapping.  She thinks that Marlena and Philip are getting too concerned.  Philip wants to put a bodyguard on her, and Marlena wants to have Roman protecting Claire every time she leaves the house.

Roman offers to ask Lucas to call Will from prison to ease Sami's mind.  She's grateful.

EJ gets nowhere with the officer.  Kate (Lauren Koslow) shows up to see Lucas.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) is brooding in front of the fireplace when Rolf comes over to discuss the houseguest.  But Stefano is more concerned with squashing Lucas than dealing with his patient.

The officer escorts Lucas out to the visiting room where Kate is waiting.

Roman offers to call Will for Sami right now.

Kate asks Lucas if he's had any unusual run-ins because she's worried about retaliation from Stefano.  Lucas doesn't seem so concerned about it, though.

Marlena tells Philip that she will be the one taking care of her daughter and asks him to leave.  But Philip refuses.  Belle asks him to leave too, and he acts put upon and hurt, and moves to go.  But then, Belle tells him to wait.

Roman reaches Will, and then Roman passes the phone over to Sami.  Things are definitely strained between mother and son.  Will asks for Lucas, and Sami tells him the bad news that Lucas is in jail.  Will says, "I knew he'd get caught!" which makes Sami realize that Will was in on it.

Lucas continues to resist accepting Kate's help because he's sick of his mother's brand of help.

Stefano looks in on his houseguest and is pleased to see his progress.

Belle explains to Philip that she has to fix things by herself without his help.  Philip tells her to call him if she ever needs any help, no ulterior motives and then he leaves.  The phone rings, and it's Crystal (Ashlee Holland).  She thinks it's Marlena who answered and apologizes for yesterday, explaining that she didn't mean Belle any harm.  Belle passes the phone to Marlena.  Marlena demands to know how she got her number.  Crystal explains that Belle is in danger, but she can't say anymore over the phone.  She asks Marlena to meet her at the Brady Pub in 15 minutes.

Sami is completely upset about Will being in the loop about Lucas.

Kate leaves the visiting room and tells EJ that Lucas seems fine.  Kate sees through EJ and realizes that he's just trying to play the hero again to impress Sami.

Roman reasons with Sami that Lucas was only trying to protect her, just like she thought she was trying to protect him by marrying EJ.  This is getting tediouser and tediouser.

Marlena tells Belle to stay home while she goes to meet Crystal.  Belle suspects that something else is going on, but Marlena won't.  She leaves to meet Crystal, and shows us that she's packing heat.

Rolf tells the houseguest that it's time for his next injection, but the houseguest grabs his arm before he can stick him with the needle.

Belle calls Roman to ask him for help with Marlena.  Belle offers to meet him at the police station and he agrees.  He doesn't tell Sami any of the details, though.

Back in the jail cell, the hunchman offers Lucas his magazine, but Lucas declines.

EJ is still trying to get information from the officer, but not getting anywhere.  The officer lays down a stack of files, on top of which is the henchman's mugshot. EJ recognizes the photo and realizes that Lucas is in danger, so he punches the cop in the face so that he will get put in the cell too.

Philip goes over to Sami to talk about Lucas.  He wants her to convince Lucas to cooperate with them.

The officer stuffs EJ into the same cell as Lucas and the henchman.  He tells the henchman that he knows him.  Henchman says, "What are you going to do about it?"

Marlena is having car trouble because it's entirely frozen.  A mysterious person, undoubtedly the escaped houseguest, approaches slowly, and Marlena yells at him to back off.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip tells Belle that Marlena might be in danger, Stephanie considers hanging out with Max again, Philip and Chloe scheme about Belle and Shawn again.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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