'Days of Our Lives' High Five: May 3, 2011
'Days of Our Lives' High Five: May 3, 2011
21Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today's episode of Days of Our Lives.

High Five Highlights:

1. Even though Stefano tells him his priority should be Sami and Rafe, EJ refuses to delay his divorce, wanting to begin his relationship with Taylor.

2. The real Rafe is shown with Sister Rose and he relates his story to her, prompting her to tell him to stay there.

3. Sami and imposter Rafe have a huge blowout fight when she asks him if he slept with another woman in their bed. Sami tells him she has been faking it in bed every time since the accident.

4. Nicole sees Sydney at the pub and vows not to lose her.

5. Nicole tells Taylor that EJ is incapable of love, and will never really be able to love a woman. Will Taylor believe her?


- Will the real Rafe start to regain his memories now that he is in a safe place?

- Will Nicole give EJ the divorce he wants or will she keep him tied to the marriage out of spite?

The Last Word:

Sami is starting to come to terms with the end of her marriage to imposter Rafe, but still yearns for the old Rafe. At the convent, Rafe has a sudden idea that he has been somewhere similar before, while holding the safe house key to his chest. Maybe his memories will start to return now. At the Cheating Heart, Dario suspects that Melanie and Brady are together, while Melanie tells Brady he is the only one that makes her feel safe. Nicole and Taylor meet at the Cheating Heart and Nicole tells Taylor that EJ is cold and incapable of loving anyone. Taylor might save herself a lot of heartache if she listens to her sister.

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