Days of our Lives: February 8 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 8 Live Thoughts
It's back in Salem on today's Days of our Lives.  Sami (Alison Sweeney), still at squirreled away in her secret cabin hideout, sees Lucas' confession on the front page of the morning paper.  She sees that baby Ali is not in her crib and starts panicking.  Turns out, though, that EJ (James Scott) fell asleep in the rocking chair with Ali in his lap.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) ambushes Max (Darin Brooks) during his morning run through the snow.  She and Stephanie and the gang have set up a surprise birthday party for him.

Still in Ireland, Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Bo (Peter Reckell) are out wandering the Irish countryside.  Bo, suffering from a right case of the vapors, nearly faints.  At the inn, Marlena (Deidre Hall) assembles the rest of the family because she's found a letter that Colleen wrote with instructions on what to do with her remains.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) arbitrates while Max, Chelsea and Nick (Blake Berris) have a snowball fight.  She crowns Max the winner.  Things are finally back to normal and they are genuinely have a good time.  After the horsing around, they toast with cups of hot chocolate.  Stephanie gives Max a stuffed pony because every knight in shining armor needs a horse.  After the party is over, Stephanie gives Max her second gift: a big kiss.

Sami wakes EJ up and thanks him for looking after Ali.  She gets a concerned look on her face when he refers to Johnny and Ali as "our kids."  Sami wants to go home, now that Stefano is in a coma.  But EJ says that his father might have henchmen running around still waiting to kill them, so he wants to wait until Abe gives them the go-ahead.  She finally decides to lay down the law concerning Ali.  She is concerned that EJ is getting too attached to the child and he needs to back off and respect the fact that Lucas is her biological father.  I don't get it, Sami.  Does she want EJ to ignore her and not take care of her, especially when she's sick?  This is pure contrivance.

Sami starts crying, and EJ apologizes for blaming it all on Lucas.  She is just devastated because her little girl won't be able to grow up with her real dad.  EJ kind of redeems himself today by giving Sami a great pep talk, telling her that everything is going to be okay.  The mood doesn't stay happy, though, because Lucas calls her to tell her that his sentence hearing is today.  Sami rushes upstairs to get ready for it.  As she's heading out the door, she looks soulfully into EJ's eyes about to kiss him.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) gets off the phone with Lexie (Renee Jones) and immediately gets bombarded with questions by Hope (Kristian Alfonso), who knows that everyone is keeping something from her.  Colleen has been cremated, and after Marlena retrieves the remains, everyone goes out to the Irish countryside to scatter her ashes.  Grandpa Shawn (Frank Parker) is too choked up to say anything in Colleen's memory.  Marlena strong-arms John to hold the urn, who bitches and moans continuously about it.  Bo says some stirring words, and then John hands the urn to Grandpa who scatters the ashes first.  As the Bradys take turns scattering, the scene is interleaved with sepia-toned shots of Alison Sweeney and James Scott playing the young Colleen and Santo, respectively, including the night that Santo deflowered the virginal Colleen.

After the scattering, everyone goes back to the inn to pack.  John's plane will be ready to take them all home in a few hours.  Shawn (Brandon Beemer) is glad that his father is biologically a Kiriakis because that would make him and Belle related.  We all already figured that out, but Days of our Lives has to make it crystal clear that they ain't no kissin' cousins.  As Steve and Kayla get their things ready, Steve sees someone spying on them through the door, and runs outside after her.  Marlena notices that John is missing.  He has gone back to the spot where they scattered his mother's ashes, and he sees the ghostly apparitions of young Colleen and Santo meeting and holding hands and kissing.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip asks Chloe if she will divorce Brady when he comes back, the feud between Anna and Tony is still going strong, Lucas doesn't expect Sami to wait for him.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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