Days of our Lives: February 21 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 21 Live Thoughts
It's reunion time on Days of our Lives today.  All the homebody Salemites are eagerly awaiting their loved ones' return at the hospital.  Belle (Martha Madison), Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Claire are greeted by Lexie (Renee Jones) and Caroline (Peggy McCay) and others.  Everyone is all smiles until some bodies covered with white sheets are wheeled into the hospital.

Shawn tells Victor (John Aniston) and Roman (Josh Taylor) that the bodies are the pilots who didn't make it.  He also explains that the pilots were drugged and the airplane instruments were tampered with.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) shows up too, and Victor and Kate (Lauren Koslow) take him aside to hear his stories.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) are safe and sound in Salem.  Caroline is excited to see everyone and can't wait for Grandpa Shawn to get here too so that they can all go back to the pub for some pints.  Sad!  Her joyful mood is interrupted when the medics wheel Bo (Peter Reckell) in.  He's still unconscious and it's clear that he's in much more dire straits than the others.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Lexie tell Caroline and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) about Bo's medical problems.  No one says anything specific about his illness, however.

Caroline is just anxious to see her husband, and eventually, she figures out that Grandpa went up to the big Irish Pub in the Sky.  She breaks down in sobs when his body is wheeled in.  The survivors rehash the last few episodes of Days of our Lives by explaining that Grandpa gave up his life to save everyone else.  Marlena sees John looking morose off to the side and nudges him to say something nice to Caroline in her grief, which he does.  Aw, he's coming around.

Lexie examines Bo, with Hope at his side.  He's finally conscious and describes his symptoms.  Later on, Chelsea asks Bo about how he's feeling.  She knows that Bo and Hope aren't giving it to her straight.  Even Victor gives his condolences to Bo, both about Shawn's death and his own vague but serious illness, and actually acts like a father.

Marlena is surprised to see EJ (James Scott) at the hospital with Sami (Alison Sweeney).  Marlena isn't angry at EJ for being a DiMera (and thus possibly connected to crashing the plane) because she believes that EJ has finally broken with his father.

Lexie wants Belle, Shawn, Claire, Chloe and Philip to get examined again, so they all head to their respective exam rooms.  All except for Chloe, that is.  Victor demands that she tell him everything she knows about Brady's disappearance.  Philip vouches for Chloe, but Victor isn't so sure.  He gets all Kiriakis-threatening to her.  Kate suspects that Chloe has shifted her sights onto Philip because she's after the Kiriakis fortune.  Later, Belle, Shawn, Claire, Chloe and Philip all check out fine and head home.  Philip invites Chloe to come home with him, but she doesn't think it would be a good idea, so she leaves alone.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) gets his cracked ribs wrapped up in a cubicle and overhears through the curtain that Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is worried that she might lose the baby.  He's also bummed to hear that he'll have to stay overnight at the hospital and he won't even be allowed to share a room with Kayla.  He tells Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) that Kayla is preggers, and Stephanie is overjoyed.

Lexie tells John that it's his turn to be examined, but he refuses.  He'll only allow Marlena to do the examination, and she agrees.  Afterwards, Sami offers Marlena and John a ride home, but John doesn't want to go home with her.  He wants to go to the DiMera mansion, since he has every right to it now.  Sami is confused because she doesn't know that John is Santo DiMera's son.

Next on Days of our Lives:  Tony is back together with Anna, Lexie finds out she's related to John, and the mystery woman Steve saw in Ireland sends him a note in the hospital.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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