Days of our Lives: December 4 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 4 Live Thoughts
Today's Days of our Lives begins with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) having a dream that Belle (Martha Madison) left Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and came back to him.  In real life, Belle is happily getting massaged by her husband.

Bo (Peter Reckell) tells Hope (Kristian Alfonso) that Philip didn't write the letter to the academy sabotaging Shawn's chances of getting in; Belle did.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) catches Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) engaging in some horseplay.  Lucas gets so furious that he grabs EJ and shakes him.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) has gathered the necessary props to teach Ford Decker a lesson, and goes over the plan with the girls.  Sloan, the girl who will act as bait, is getting nervous, but Chelsea continues her strong-arming to convince all the girls to get in line.  She's getting really pushy about the whole thing.

Sami wrestles Lucas away from EJ and immediately shows concern over EJ's well-being.  Lucas demands to know if she's starting to help him now.  Lucas asks if she's lying, and EJ says that Lucas might as well know the truth now.

Chelsea asks to talk to Stephanie alone because of all the foot-dragging she's doing.  Chelsea says that Ford is on a major power trip right now, and the last thing he'll expect is an ambush.  Chelsea, it seems, is the one on the power trip, though.  The girls ask her if she plans to let him go after they catch him.  I can't believe they've gone along with this plan without deciding exactly what they're going to do.

Philip imagines Belle coming over in a red dress, confessing her love for him and telling him that she finally left Shawn.

Hope is pissed off that Belle would go behind Shawn's back like this and write that letter to the academy.  She decides to tell Bo that Belle saw Philip the night before the wedding.

Lucas demands to know what Sami and EJ are talking about, and EJ says that she confessed to him at the hospital that she's beginning to have feelings for him.  Lucas doesn't believe it and asks Sami for the truth.

Ford calls Sloan to tell her that he's on his way.  Stephanie notices that Sloan is shaking and says that they can't force her to do anything that she doesn't want to do.  Morgan, who has the floppiest spine, says that Steph's right, and they should call Ford to cancel.  Seriously, Morgan just agrees with the last person who talks.  Chelsea, however, doesn't want to back down.  She's determined to show Ford who's boss, and since Sloan won't do it, she'll do it herself.

Bo immediately gets angry when he hears that Belle might have cheated on Shawn again and wants to tell his son immediately.  Hope wants to wait and consult with Marlena first.

Philip imagines that Belle comes over to his office again, this time wearing a fugly trenchcoat and a hat.  She says that she did what he asked and killed Shawn with a big cleaver, which she has brought with her.

Chelsea refuses to back down.  She's starting to be as irrational as they get on Days of our Lives.  The other girls have no choice but to let her go through with her plan, so they retreat to the other room when Ford arrives.  He's surprised to see her at the door instead of Sloan.

Bo thinks that they should tell Shawn about Belle's infidelity and let him decide what to do.

Before Lucas hears what Sami has to say, he decides to leave because he's afraid that Sami really is beginning to care for his crippled rival.

Chelsea pretends to apologize to Ford.  She tells him that Cordy lied about being raped by Ford.  Chelsea also lies that she and Morgan aren't friends anymore.  She says that she and Ford are a lot alike.  Just as he's about to go to Cordy's room, where all the girls are hiding out, he turns to Chelsea and says that he's on to her.

Sami gets pissy with EJ for spouting off his mouth.  EJ gets suspicious that maybe Sami was lying about caring about him.

Ford thinks that Chelsea is making nice to him to avoid getting sued for defamation of character.  He plans to sue the whole sorority.  Chelsea lays it on thick with him and pretends to be secretly smitten with him.  She apologizes and then thanks him for coming by.  He doesn't want to leave, though, so Chelsea offers him something to drink.  She goes to Cordy's room to get him a bourbon on the rocks.  All the girls mix up his drink together, and she brings it out to him.  He asks her to put on some music, but stupidly doesn't take the drink with her, which is what I would have done.  Naturally, Ford takes that opportunity to drug her drink and uses his finger to stir it in.  Ewww!  They toast to a truce, but just before he takes a sip, Ford asks Chelsea to taste his first.

This is a remarkably uneven episode of Days of our Lives.  We're back with Bo and Hope, but only for a moment as she tries to convince Bo not to tell Shawn about Belle.  Philip imagines Belle staring at him through a window.

Sami promises to EJ that she does care, so EJ asks her to stay with him tonight to prove it.  Sami begs him not to make her choose between him and her family.

Sami makes it back over to Lucas' and tells him that she loves him.  He responds by showing her the door.  So she tells him that she gave EJ a reason to live because Stefano threatened her family.

Bo and Hope decide not to tell Shawn anything unless they catch Belle in another lie.  Haven't they already done this?

Philip imagines Belle and Shawn making love and wakes up with a start.  He gets up and leaves his office.

Ford has managed to get Chelsea to drink his drink and once she's woozy, gets on top of her.  She tries to fight back but it doesn't work.  The girls, led by Stephanie storm out into the living room.

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami and Lucas continue to fight, Tony DiMera warns EJ, Stefano tells Rolf that his old nemesis is still alive.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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