Days of our Lives: December 3 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 3 Live Thoughts
On today's Days of our Lives, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is in the midst of showing the pictures she and Nick (Blake Berris) took of the evidence in Ford Decker's room to her sorority sisters.  Chelsea says that they have to go after Ford themselves because she already went to Bo (Peter Reckell), who says that the police can't use the ill-gotten evidence.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Max (Darin Brooks) are closing the Cheatin' Heart.  They offer to do all the work so that Adrienne can go home.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) surprises Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) with a new black dress, the kind that is cut all the way down to her belly-button.  I'm not sure she's supposed to be wearing a bra with it, but she looks hot nonetheless.  She's ready to get it on with Lucas again, the first time since delivering the babies, but outside in the hallway, EJ (James Scott) decides to pay Sami a surprise visit.

Stephanie scrapes gum off of a table at the Cheatin' Heart, and Max admires her work ethic.  Max admits that Morgan is high-maintenance, and it's nice to have a night off from her once in a while.

Chelsea hatches her plan to her sorority sisters.  Her plan is interspersed with footage of Ford inviting his latest conquest into his room.  The funny thing is, Chelsea's voiceovers that occur while we see Ford on the screen are really, really cheesy and fake.  It's almost laughable.

Sami starts to take Lucas' shirt off, but they are interrupted by loud banging at the door.  Sami reluctantly gets the door.  She only sees Stefano through the peephole, but when she opens the door, she's surprised that EJ is also there in his wheelchair.  Lucas isn't afraid of showing them that they've been up to some hanky-panky, so he takes off his shirt.  EJ is not pleased to behold Lucas' bare chest.

Morgan has Chelsea's back, but some of the other girls are afraid.  We have another cheesy Chelsea voiceover while we see Ford drugging his latest victim's drink.  Then Chelsea tells the girls her plan: to use one of the girls as bait and then catch him in the act.

Stefano insists that he wants to meet his grandson, whom he is still calling Giovanni.  Sami is afraid that if she lets Stefano take Johnny, he'll abscond to the airport immediately.  But EJ says that he won't allow his father to go anywhere with his son.  Moreover, he lays down the law that his wife lives across the hall with him, and not with that loser Lucas.

Chelsea says that whoever acts as the bait has to pretend that she's really drunk, and as soon as things are about to get out of hand, she has to spike his drink.

Stephanie and Max are done cleaning up, and they drink a soda to celebrate.  They agree that they make a helluva team and that they should do this again sometime.  Max immediately snarks if she's heard from Jeremy lately.  Way to ruin the moment, dude.

Sami brings Johnny out of the room and gives him to EJ to hold.  I can't believe they would wake up a sleeping child just for this.  Stefano takes the baby out of the apartment into EJ's across the hall.  Sami gets nervous and offers to go with him, but EJ tells her dismissively to stay here with Lucas.  Lucas nose-whistles that they should never have let them take Johnny over there right now.  Sami goes across the hall to lay some ground rules for the DiMeras to follow.

Stephanie says that Jeremy is out of the picture these days, and then asks Max why he never tried to stop her from going after Jeremy.  Stephanie asks him if he really meant what he said when he wanted a break from Morgan.

Chelsea and the girls decide that as soon as they drug him, they are going to write "rapist" on his chest.  Cordy isn't in at first, but after some prompting, she comes around.  Chelsea promises that they won't hurt Ford; they'll just scare him to get even.  Has Chelsea learned nothing from watching the Brady-DiMera vendetta?  Because that's exactly what Days of our Lives needs, another vendetta.  Scaring Ford isn't going to end things.  Convicting him and putting him behind bars is.  Meanwhile, we're treated to another cheesy Chelsea voiceover as Ford's latest victim sips her drink.

EJ and Stefano, both talking at a mile-a-minute, are hyper-ecstatic to have "Giovanni" with them, but Sami sneaks in and says that they are never going to take him to Italy.

In Ford's room, Ford has moved the party to his bed.  His victim begs him to stop, but he doesn't listen.  Everything is being caught on his webcam.  At the sorority house, Chelsea and Morgan ask one of their sisters named Sloan if she was Ford's second Alpha Chi Theta victim.

Max vents to Stephanie that he and Morgan come from different worlds.  Morgan plays tennis and croquet, but he likes chili fries and such.  She's fancy and he's not, see?  Max asks Stephanie not to tell Morgan that they were talking about her behind her back.

Stefano tells Sami that he wouldn't dream of separating his grandson from his mother, so his idea is that they will all move to Florence.  But Sami says that they are staying in Salem, and ends the discussion.  She brings the baby to the bedroom to put him down for the night, and Stefano takes the opportunity to tell EJ that if Sami continues to be a problem, he will have to take care of her.  Uh oh.

Sloan swears that she was not Ford's second victim.  In Ford's room, Ford has finished raping the girl and she leaves crying.  Chelsea asks Sloan to be their decoy, and she eventually agrees as long as they don't leave her alone with him.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Stephanie and Max are about to kiss when the jukebox starts playing.  He tries to hold her hand, but she pulls away because she remembers the horror she felt when she was raped.  But then they try again and dance to the song playing on the jukebox.

EJ asks Sami to stay with him tonight.

Stephanie and Max dance together.  Stephanie asks what Morgan would do if she walked in on them, and Max says that Morgan knows he's not the one for her.  Wait, did I miss something?  Did they have a falling out?  They are interrupted when Chelsea bangs at the door and takes Stephanie away.

Sami says that she can't stay tonight, but EJ playfully pulls her to his lap.  She screams and laughs, just as Lucas walks in on them.

The girls are assembled in the house when Sloan calls Ford to invite him over.  Ford is wearing an unbuttoned shirt, boxers and white athletic socks.  A very sexy look, the white socks.  The girl he just raped is outside, crying.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lucas confronts Sami and EJ, Hope tells Bo that they should have told Shawn about Belle's affair, Belle confesses her love to Philip and kisses him.

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