Days of our Lives: December 26 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 26 Live Thoughts
The Christmas dinner is still underway on today's episode of Days of our Lives.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) picks up an ornament to hang, but starts hearing Zach's voices in her head and nearly drops it.  Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) ask her if everything is alright.

Nick (Blake Berris), ever the do-gooder, is bringing some Christmas cheer to children at the party.  Max (Brandon Beemer) shows up and tells him that he and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) aren't seeing eye-to-eye these days.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) goes over to a mysterious house, where a woman name Crystal (Ashlee Holland) has been expecting her.

EJ (James Scott) tells Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) the bad news that Sami (Alison Sweeney) has left him and the good news that he can stand again.

At the party, Abe Carver (James Reynolds) is wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater ever.  Nobody has seen Marlena yet.  Max arrives and tells Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) about how he's getting the brush-off from Stephanie lately.

Rachel Melvin is one skinny girl.  She tells Hope that she misses Zach and that it's all her fault that he'll never be able to join them for another celebration.  Bo finds Chelsea and tells her that he's really proud of her.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) goes over to Lucas' (Bryan Dattilo).  She catches him with a bottle of liquor, and he pours it down the sink.  Billie (Julie Pinson) and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) come over, and Billie immediately sense that something is wrong.  She demands that someone spill it.

Stefano is amazed that EJ can walk again.  EJ gives him a gift of a framed photograph of himself holding his son.  Stefano is touched.

Crystal tells Marlena that it was fate that brought her to her door.  Marlena tries to make an excuse to leave.  Crystal sees that Marlena is lost and lonely and searching for her lost loved one.  She says that she can bring him to her.

Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) arrive at the pub.  Sami greets them, but she's distracted that Lucas isn't there.

Lucas and Kate are still acting all dodgy, but refuse to let on to Billie or Philip that anything is going on.  Lucas hands over little Ali to Billie to take her to the Christmas celebration.  She and Philip leave.

Kayla tells Max that Stephanie needs her right now and not to back off.  (Stephanie confessed to her mother yesterday that she was raped by Ford.)  Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Abe are afraid that Marlena might be walking into a trap set by the DiMeras, so they leave to look for her.  Steve was supposed to dress up as Santa for the kids, so Max reluctantly steps in and dons the red suit.  Max makes Nick dress up as an elf.  Max sits a kid on his knee and reads a very, very religious version of the Christmas story.  During the reading, we see a montage of all the other denizens of Salem.  After the story, the little tykes ask him to read a Hanukkah story and a Kwanzaa story.  Nick jumps in to help out.

Crystal tells Marlena that she sees a man in a forest who is reading a plaque with his name on it.  Crystal says that John is not dead.  He's very much alive.

Lucas has finished making his last minute arrangements before fleeing the country.  He gives Kate a letter to give to Sami.  As he's leaving, Philip jumps out from the shadows in the hallway and scolds him for walking out on his family.

Crystal assures Marlena that she'll be reunited with John again, and Marlena is in emotional turmoil.  Steve comes by, and Crystal immediately disappears.

Billie has arrived at the party with Ali, and Sami is disappointed to know that Lucas isn't with them.  Billie tells her about Lucas' suitcase and suspects that he must have fled.  Sami runs out of there to look for him.

Stephanie finds Santa Max and apologizes for being so rough on him.  Max puts his hand on her face and tells her how much he cares about her, but she swats his hand away and pulls back.

Sami runs home to find Kate and Philip still there.  She reads the letter that he wrote for her.  He wrote that he loves her and the kids and he just has to go away right now to protect them. She breaks down in tears.

Stephanie tries to leave, but Max tells her that he wants her.  She says she's sorry and runs away.

Nick shows Chelsea a photo album he's made on the web.  Chelsea is very impressed and gives him a hug.  But during the hug, she imagines Ford Decker in the room, asking her who her next victim is going to be.

Golly, this is the most disjointed episode of Days of our Lives.  Now, we're back with Stefano and EJ.  They hug and wish each other a merry Christmas.  EJ leaves and Rolf comes in to tell Stefano that everything is almost done.

Steve offers to give Marlena a lift back to the party, but she's distracted by the magical snow around her.  There is a musical montage now, courtesy of Doug at the party who sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" while playing the piano.  He's got a nice voice.

In a stark and abrupt change of mood, we join Rolf and Stefano who are in their super-secret medical room with their unknown Patient X.  Rolf fills up a syringe with some kind of liquid and gives it to Stefano who stabs it violently into the patient's chest.  The heartrate monitor on the wall shows that the heart is starting to beat and the blood pressure is getting stronger.  We close up on the patient's left eye, which suddenly opens.

Next on Days of our Lives: Ford's father asks Chelsea where his son is, Roman tells Sami that he has to arrest Lucas for attempted murder, an unknown assailant hits EJ on the back of the head.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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