Days of our Lives: August 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with Nicole having a panic attack at the DiMera mansion, looking for Rolf.  She's upset that EJ would choose Sami over her.

Oh gawd, Nicole starts imagining the worst about EJ and suddenly, the picture cuts to black and white, and we see Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) narrating in noir-style about all his troubles.  It's Days of our Lives meets the The Maltese Falcon.  He's all upset about the heat and the fact that the "little woman" is cheating on him.  Quick cut to EJ (James Scott) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) in bed together.  You know, I love Alison Sweeney, but she's doing this high-pitched baby voice thing, and it's not pretty.  Suddenly, they hear a noise and realize that EJ's wife Nicole comes in, so Sami scrambles in a panic into the closet.  I think Arianne Zuker is the best one so far in the noir genre.

I don't know why Nicole would be imagining this, but in the noir-verse, a tuxedoed Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) sidles up to a bespectacled Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), calling her "sugar" and "toots."  She's flat broke because her former boss (Lucas) had to let her go.  (He's flat broke too and couldn't afford to pay her.  I guess he's supposed to be the hard-nosed detective in this noir story.)  Philip offers her a job in the kitchen of the establishment they are in (called Club Marlowe), but Chloe says that she can sing and to please give her a chance.  She gets up on stage and sings a song accompanied by a pianist.  She's pretty good, and Philip slowly applauds her.  He hires her on the spot for a full-time job, but she's got to sexify herself up a bit.  The thing is, she's a good church girl, so she won't be doin' the clientele any special favors.

Nicole is suspicious that EJ might be two-timing her, but he says that she's the most important woman in the world to him.  (Sami hears this and tosses her mane of ringlets indignantly.)  Nicole goes downstairs to get ice from the icebox to mix drinks with, and EJ hustles Sami out of the room.  Oops, she dropped an earrling on the floor.  EJ goes to take a shower while Nicole tidies up the room.  She finds the earring on the floor and realizes that EJ is cheating.

Sami leaves EJ's and goes to Lucas' private detective office.  He tells her that they're broke, dead broke, and he'll have to pawn her engagement ring, but it's still in hawk, so he can't.  He asks for her earrings, but she freaks out when she realizes that she only has one.

A little later on, Nicole pays a visit to Lucas' detective agency.  He exposits that he put Big Louie away in the state pen last year and ever since, Big Louie's frozen him out and he hasn't been able to land a client.  She wants to hire him to find the cheap tart who's been sleeping with her husband.  She shows him the earring she found.  Of course, Lucas knows exactly whose it is.  He tells her that his wife is the cheap tart, case closed.

At Club Marlowe, Chloe the new lounge singer performs and EJ and Phililp discuss her from the back of the room through a thick haze of cigarette smoke.  EJ takes an interest in her, but Philip wants her all for himself.

After her performance, Chloe pays a visit to Lucas, wearing her new glamorous dress.  She tells him about the new job she got.  She's making good money, and she knows that he's hard up for cash so she offers him some.  She just wants to give something back, but he refuses to take a hand out from a dame.  Her heart belongs to one man and one man only: some P.I.  They start kissing.  Huh.  So, Sami isn't the only one who's two-timing.  He pulls away, saying that he can't cheat on his wife, and marriage means something to him.  There are some comically bad lines in this episode, like this:

Lucas: Your eyes sparkle.
Chloe: That must be my astigmatism.

EJ takes a squeaky-squawky Sami to Club Marlowe.  Philip warns him that his two-timing might be the death of him, especially if his wife finds out about it.

Lucas and Nicole go on a stakeout to Club Marlowe and catch EJ and Sami canoodling together.  All of a sudden, they see Chloe take the stage and start singing.  Afterwards, Sami meets Lucas back at the office.  He tells her the jig is up, but she says that she's going away with EJ and gives back her wedding band.  At home, EJ packs his bags for a business trip, he says, but Nicole doesn't want him to go.  EJ kisses her and walks out the door.

Meanwhile, after her set, Chloe sits forlorn at one of the tables in the club.  Philip knows that she's heartbroken over some guy and kisses her to make her forget.  Lucas happens to be at the club and sees them kissing.  Sami skips over to EJ's house and finds Nicole there.  They have a tense standoff, which ends with Nicole trying to garotte Sami with her scarf.  After much struggling, Sami stops moving.

Then, we fade to the real world, with the real Nicole staring into the mirror, musing that it's funny that she always ends up the bad guy.

Next on Days of our Lives: Noir week continues.  Lucas pulls a gun on Nicole.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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