Days of our Lives: August 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 15 Live Thoughts
Down in the hospital lobby in today's Days of our Lives, Roman (Josh Taylor) suspects that Stefano might be responsible for the lockdown, but Abe (James Reynolds) isn't so sure, since Stefano is supposed to be in a coma.  Lexie (Renee Jones) pipes in to give her two cents, since she is aware that something might be going on with Stefano.

On yesterday's Days of our Lives, Tony (Thaao Penghlis) and John (Drake Hogestyn) were working together to get the ventilation system back online.  As soon as Tony agreed to help John, Stefano appeared before Tony, threatening vengeance for his betrayal.  Tony picked up a wrench and wielded it at him, but in today's episode, we find out that it was just a hallucination.  John takes the wrench away from him, and Tony runs away in a panic.

Lexie shares with Roman and Abe that Stefano's brain activity matches that of a conscious person, but the last she saw him, he was still nonresponsive.  This is enough to convince Abe and Roman that Stefano is awake and behind all the lockdown shenanigans.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Nicole ask the cops to give them an update about what they know.  Nicole learns that EJ and Sami are trapped together and gets concerned about that.  Lexie asks if Nicole is in love with EJ, reminding her that EJ only has eyes for Sami, and Nicole snaps at her.  The good news is that the cops may have gotten the security cameras working again, but the signal is lost as soon as it starts.  Roman gets a call from hospital security and learns that someone is trying to hack into the ventilation system on the seventh floor.

Tony runs out of the ventilation room to find Anna passed out.  All she needed to come to was a kiss from him, though.  He tells her about his hallucinations.

Meanwhile, Sami (Alison Sweeney) hallucinates that Stefano was running after her, so she shoves him down the stairs.  It turns out that it is EJ (James Scott) whom she pushed.  She snaps out of it and runs down the stairs to find EJ knocked unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.  She cries over him and begs him to wake up because her life won't be the same without him.  He wakes up to hear this.  He slowly remembers that it was Sami who tripped him down the stars, so Sami apologizes again to him and explains that she was hallucinating and thought that he was Stefano.  He understands that she was under the influence of the toxins.  Then EJ reminds her that she said that she couldn't imagine her life without him, and asks if she meant it.  Sami does the usual backtracking, but finally says that she forced herself to ignore her feelings for him when Lucas came back from prison.  She admits that she meant it when she said that she couldn't imagine her life without him.  Sami starts panicking about everyone trapped on the seventh floor, and EJ tries to reassure her.  He then asks her for her true feelings for Lucas.  She says that she'll always love him, but she has to deal with the fact that Lucas doesn't wnat anythinig to do with her, so she has to move on.  EJ wonders if she only has feelings for EJ because things aren't working out for Lucas.  Sami and EJ sit together, holding each other, as they worry about the others.  They begin to kiss.  (Golly, I hope Sami doesn't later try to blame this on the gas fumes.)

Marlena (Deidre Hall), lying alone in her hospital bed, gives herself a pep talk.  Anna goes back to Marlena's room and replaces her oxygen mask.  Marlena tries to ask Anna to inject her with the antidote, but Anna leaves the room without understanding Marlena's intention.

While John gets to work on the ventilation, Stefano speaks to him through the vents, telling him that he is being a very bad pawn.  John says he is not his pawn anymore, but Stefano says that all he has to do is reboot him and John will soon belong to him again.  Forever.  John says that he will kill him first, and start beating up on the vent.  Maybe he's hallucinating?  Tony comes back in, and John says that he's had it with him since he tried to hit him with the wrench.  Tony says that he was hallucinating.

Stefano (is he real?  is he a hallucination?) walks into the lab where Joey is crying and Kayla and Steve are passed out.  It's hard to say whether this is the real Stefano because there is no one there to have the hallucination, but if he were real, how would he know the keypad combination to unlock the door?  And the door locks from the outside, but he didn't prop it open after he entered the room, which would be a stupid move on his part.  Anyway, he walks up to the baby carrier wherein Joey is crying.  Hmmm, maybe it was the real Stefano because eventually, Steve and Kayla wake up and find that the baby is missing.

The episode ends with the camera focused on Marlena's face.  Someone walks into her room and takes off her oxygen mask.  It looks like a woman's hand, but we can't see her face.  Marlena says, "You."

Next on Days of our Lives: It's Days of our Lives noir.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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