Days of our Lives: April 8 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 8 Live Thoughts
Things are still looking dire for Hope (Kristian Alfonso) on Days of our Lives.  She is alone, locked up in Ava's apartment prison because Ava's shrink has come for her next session.  However, there's a rap at Hope's window.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) is just outside, attempting a break out.  Wait, Ava has been locked up all this time in a ground floor apartment?  If she was such a danger to herself and others, you'd think that her family would put her up in a more secure location.  Anyway.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) proves today that doctors make the worst patients.  She insists that she's okay and needs to get up to look for Steve.  She orders the nurse to show her the latest printout of the baby's heartbeat to prove that the baby is alright.  Salem University Hospital has all the latest technology, like that dot matrix printer - woohoo!  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) does her best to keep her mother calm.  The sassy black nurse tells Kayla that there's no way that she's letting her leave.  Kayla calls Roman to come by the hospital.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Bo (Peter Reckell) tells Lexie (Renee Jones) that Hope is in trouble, so he has to go and find her.  Lexie plans on doing whatever it takes to keep Bo in bed, but as soon as she leaves, Bo tries to stand up, but he's too weak.  Lexie calls Roman to get over to the hospital, but heeding Steve's advice, Bo doesn't want to get the police involved.

Roman (Josh Taylor) comes over to the hospital and first makes a stop in Kayla's room.  She fills him in about Steve.  Roman echoes the party line and tells her not to do anything foolish and offers to do some looking around for Steve if she wants.  Kayla says that he doesn't have to.  She pretends to be satisfied with Roman's explanation, but as soon as Stephanie leaves the room, Kayla jumps out of bed.  Roman's next stop is Bo's room.

Stephanie comes back to Kayla's room to find it empty.  The nurse alerts the staff, and sounds really pissed off and annoyed.  I love the nurse!  Kayla sneaks over to Bo's room and asks him what's going on with Steve.  Bo pretends that he doesn't know anything at first.  But after some talk, Bo shares what he knows.

Stephanie talks to Roman and Lexie, and while she's doing that, a random guy dressed up like an orderly takes a picture of Stephanie with his cell phone.

Ava's shrink senses that Ava is more on edge and argumentative than usual.  She tries to get rid of him, but to no avail.  The shrink asks her to remember what she was supposed to do right before she was about to marry Patch, but she can't remember.  The doctor gives her some pill to relax and gets her to look into her suppressed memories.  Ava begins to break down crying.  Their session is done for the day, and then Ava orders Angelo to go get Patch.

Steve was able to get out of his room by breaking the window.  The windows are wired with contact alarms, so they won't go off as long as the window frame doesn't get broken.  Hope turns up some rock music way loud in her room, then breaks the window with a chair.  Steve helps her climb out, and they both run through the woods.  They reach a brick wall that they have to climb over.  But just as they get there, one of Ava's goons catches up with them with a gun.  Steve punches the guy out and it looks like they're in the clear, except that Angelo and another goon catch them.  There's no getting away now.  Angelo brings them back to Ava.  Steve pretends that he was just trying to let Hope escape in order to concentrate on Ava.  Ava agrees that they need Hope out of the way, so she offers to let one of her goons get rid of her.  Apparently, that guy in the hospital who took a picture of Stephanie is on the Vitali family payroll.  He sends the picture to Angelo, and Ava tells Steve and Hope that if they try any funny stuff, Stephanie sleeps with the fishes.

Next on Days of our Lives: Dr. Daniel invites Chelsea to hang out, Chloe doesn't want to go to prison, and John decides to give himself to Marlena - rrowrrr!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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