Days of our Lives: April 24 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 24 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins, as it has done so often in the past, with John Black (Drake Hogestyn) looking pained.  Paul Hollingsworth is over at the DiMera mansion, demanding to know John has up his sleeve.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) walks in and wants to know what their talking about.  She asks Paul straight-up if John paid him off to meddle with the Kiriakis shipping.  The doorbell rings and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) walks in.

Chelsea's (Rachel Melvin) had been improving toward the end of yesterday's Days of our Lives, but now her temperature spikes again.  Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) walks in jauntily with flowers and wants to talk to Kate (Lauren Koslow) about her commercial.

In the Compound o' Insanity, Steve (Stephen Nichols) wakes up painfully and finds himself nekkid n bed next to Ava.

Philip gets all up in Paul's face.  They start a shouting match.  Philip turns his attention toward John, as Marlena tries to intervene, but neither man backs down.  Philip wishes Marlena luck in dealing with this new John, and then leaves.  Marlena says that he's disappointed in him, but she gives in to her desires and kisses him anyway.  He thinks she's trying to bribe her with her womanly wiles, and they continue kissing.  The making out is part of her new aggressive campaign to get him to remember his old self.  He says curtly, "That's good to know, but if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready for my hot date."  Marlena stares off at him with jealous eyes.

Tony has his foot stuck squarely in his mouth because he doesn't realize how bad Chelsea's condition is, so he is all bubbly about talking to Kate.  Chelsea insists that Kate continue on with her plans to launch the commercial and not worry about her.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lexie (Renee Jones) tells Abe (James Reynolds) about Bo, Hope, Kayla and Steve's disappearance.  Abe shares with Lexie that Steve confided in him about Ava Vitali shortly before his disappearance.  Abe and Lexie piece together the information they know, and begin deducing that all four of them may have been taken by the Vitalis.

Chelsea thanks Dr. Daniel Jonas for taking such good care of her.  As he leaves her room, Abe asks permission to talk to her about what she knows about Bo and Hope.  Daniel says that he can, as long as he doesn't let on how dire the situation might be and to stop immediately if she gets agitated.  Chelsea knows that something is wrong because Bo is not there by her side.  Abe says that he'll do his best to find them all.

Tony is talking at a mile-a-minute about the commercial with Kate.  He insists that he needs her feedback ASAP, but Kate says that she has no time to think about the commercial shoot while Chelsea is in the hospital.

Daniel goes back in to check on Chelsea.  She tells him that she has total faith in him, but she wishes that he weren't her doctor because there are rules about fraternizing between doctors and patients.  She babbles on and on about her crush on him.  But wait, he's so much older and she's still in college!  That would be a really inappropriate relationship anyway.  Chelsea tries to take back her comment, and they agree that they'll continue to have their doctor-patient relationship.  She falls asleep, and he tells her that quietly that he understands what she was trying to say.  A nurse comes in with Chelsea's latest test results, and it looks dire.

Steve groggily asks Ava what happened to him and why he's nekkid.  He reminds her that Kayla and his friends need help, but all Ava has to say is that soon, they'll have Kayla's baby and be together.  Steve tries to explain again why he couldn't go through with marrying her.  He says that Kayla is the one for him, the love of his life.  Ava starts crying and says that she feels that way about him.  Steve says that it might be time for her to move on with her life.  Ava insists that the old Patch is still there, deep down, and she knows that he wants to be with her.  Ava says that she'll try to forgive him because that's what people do when they love each other, but she can't give up on him.  Steve says that he'll give up trying to fight her, in that case.  He says that if she lets the other three go, he'll stay there with her.  She won't have to take Kayla's baby either because with him there, they can make one of their own.  He seals his promise with a kiss.  He says that they can have sex right now if she wants to, if she lets the others go.  She doesn't want to "just have sex," but he says that she has to take him for who he is, still someone in love with his wife.  It's his way or the highway, baby!  Ava considers this and agrees to live by his terms, and suggests that they get right on it and start making a baby.

Next on Days of our Lives: John tells Marlena that his date is with Nicole, Nicole threatens Victor, Kayla catches Steve in bed with Ava.

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