Days of our Lives: April 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 16 Live Thoughts
Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) open today's episode of Days of our Lives.  Sami is worried about baby Ali because the pediatrician thinks she has begun teething.  EJ complains to Sami that he misses Ali since he has been so busy working.  Sami doesn't want EJ to get too attached to her because she is Lucas' daughter.  She launches into a huge diatribe about how crappy her life is.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) are still trapped inside Ava's Compound o' Insanity.  Angelo tells Ava that an intruder has breached the perimeter of the compound.  Cut to Bo (Peter Reckell) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) who have just scaled the wall.  Alarms start blaring.

John (Drake Hogestyn) interrupts EJ's and Sami's conversation to say that even though he and EJ are supposedly "evil" DiMeras, they are working for opposite sides now that EJ is representing Nicole Kiriakis née Walker.  John asks EJ about the particulars about Nicole living in Victor's mansion.  EJ refuses to divulge any more details because of attorney-client confidentiality.  John isn't sure that he's going to allow EJ to take the case, using his authority as the head of the family.  EJ makes it clear that John has no say in what he does, and he wants to move out of the DiMera mansion.  Sami doesn't want to go with him because she can't trust him either since he has decided to take up with Nicole.  John offers to get a nanny for Sami, but she declines since she doesn't quite trust John either.  Sami is incredulous that John would understand that she feels trapped living there, but um, a monkey with its head up its ass could see that Sami is feeling trapped there.  It's pretty obvious.  John tries to ask about Marlena, but Sami doesn't know where she went.  John looks torn up inside because he really wants Marlena back.  (If you remember from the last Days of our Lives, Marlena went away on a soul-searching mission to try to suss out her feelings for this new John.)

Before they go to bed, John tells EJ that he won't force him to drop Nicole's case, but he also observes that he detected jealousy in Sami's tirade.  John thinks that it would kill Sami to lose another man to Nicole.

Kayla and Bo scramble to hide in the bushes.  They bicker about whose plan to follow, and Kayla walks out of the bushes.  The Vitali goons find her immediately, and she says, "I want to see Ava.  Now." 

Angelo tells Ava about the intruders on the south side of the compound, but he's more worried about Steve and Hope locked up in the bedroom.  If Ava's father finds out that she has Patch and his "wife" locked up, then he'll definitely call Ava's shrink to have her locked up in the loony bin for good.  Steve is afraid that this means Ava will have him and Hope killed.  Actually, Ava doesn't want any more blood on her hands after the plane accident, but it's Angelo who wants to off them.

Steve and Hope plan to do something to get out of their predicament.  (Except, they're all like, "Yeah!  Okay!  Let's do it!"  like they are talking about going to the beach for the day.)  Steve bangs on the door and asks to speak to Ava about their relationship.  Ava unlocks the door and goes in to see him.  Steve tells her that he has decided to dump "Kayla" and he wants to be with Ava after all.  Angelo says that now isn't a good time for them.  Cue montage of flashbacks of Ava and Steve together, including a duplicate one that we saw yesterday.  Geez, Days of our Lives must really be hurting for new material if they are reusing the same flashback sequences two days in a row.  Ava is unsure about it and starts moaning and holding her head.  Angelo and Steve wrestle her down to try to force her to take her meds.  Steve and Angelo get into a scuffle and then Angelo pulls his gun out on him and then punches him out.

Meanwhile, outside, Kayla tells the goon who apprehended her that she is Kayla Johnson and she is here to get her husband.  Something tells me that when Ava finds out that Steve has been lying to her about who his wife is, Ava is not going to take it lightly.  The guys who have Kayla try to radio Angelo, but they can't get through since Angelo is busy holding Steve at gunpoint, so they decide to take her to Ava.  Bo summons all of his strength to punch the guys out.  Bo gives Kayla his gun, and they get ready to charge into the house.

Angelo ties up Steve and Hope, and then gets word on the radio that the two Vitalis who were checking the perimeter are cuffed and unconscious outside, meaning that the intruders are still there and on the loose.  Hope quietly smiles to herself, knowing that it's Bo coming to get her.  Angelo tries to comfort Ava, and when he does, she surreptitiously swipes his keys.  Ava goes into Steve and Hope's room and tells Steve that she knows that he's been lying about going away together and starting a new life.  At that moment, Bo and the real Kayla step into the room.  How did they get past all the guards??  Bo and Hope hug, and Steve and Kayla hug, which confuses Ava.  Kayla sets her straight and tells her that she kidnapped the wrong woman.  The four hurry to leave before Angelo gets back, but are stopped when Kayla doubles over in pain.  Ava picks up a gun and, without thinking, shoots Hope.  Oh no!

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip asks Nicole what happened in Los Angeles.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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