Will David Ross Hit a Home Run or Strike Out on 'Dancing with the Stars'?
Will David Ross Hit a Home Run or Strike Out on 'Dancing with the Stars'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Dancing with the Stars is trying something new for season 24: a baseball player. David Ross from the Chicago Cubs will become the first-ever athlete from America's pastime to compete in the ballroom, which is a blessing and a curse.

With most stars we can predict how they will do based on past stars from similar backgrounds. We know that Olympic gymnasts always go far, which is great for Simone Biles. We know that Real Housewives don't make it past the halfway point, which is bad for Erika Jayne. But a baseball player is something completely different, so David will set the precedent.

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Unfortunately, I don't have high hopes for baseball's inaugural attempt at the ballroom. Here is my assessment of David Ross and his partner, Lindsay Arnold.

Pro: The Chicago Cubs

Coming off a stellar season and making history by helping the Chicago Cubs win their first World Series in over a century, David could easily have a lot of goodwill and fans. But mostly that depends on whether there's a big crossover between baseball fans and DWTS viewers.

Con: He's a Baseball Player

It's almost impossible to judge how David will do because, even though this is season 24, DWTS has never featured a professional baseball player. But I have to assume that's a bad thing. While the NFL is a very physical sport, baseball isn't. Any sport where someone like Babe Ruth can be considered one of the greats isn't a model for physical fitness.

The bigger concern is his position, a catcher. He's spent his career squatting behind home plate and, even though my knowledge of baseball is limited to the movie Major League, Tom Berenger's character taught me that older catches have terrible knee problems. When it comes to the rigors of dancing, that's a huge red flag.

Pro or Con: Lindsay Arnold

The best news for David is that his partner has one of the best recent track records, finishing in the Top4 in each of the last three seasons. That's a stellar track record that speaks for itself.

But Lindsay has never been able to win. In fact, she's never even made it to second place. And with incredibly stiff competition from the female stars, it's hard to imagine any scenario where Lindsay makes it to the Final 4 again.

Watch David try to do a Quickstep to the song "Go Cubs Go" on the premiere of Dancing with the Stars season 24, airing Monday, March 20 at 8/7c on ABC.

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