Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 6 Live Results (Page 3/4)
Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 6 Live Results (Page 3/4)
The professional dancers' competition continues tonight. Four dancers from last week are back tonight, and they are: Genya Mazo, Afton DelGrosso, Mayo Alanen and Anna Demidova. What? I guess Snow Urbin didn't make the first cut, even though I really liked her.

Afton DelGrosso and Genya Mazo - Quickstep

Genya is a Latin dancer and hasn't done a traditional ballroom for a very long time. Afton, on the other hand, is truly versatile and is comfortable in all competitive styles. In their performance tonight, Genya has his hair all greased back, and he looks pretty cute. I'm also warming up to Afton a lot. Wow, what a breath of fresh air to watch these two do the quickstep. After watching them be so incredibly light on their feet and barely skimming the floor, it really makes the celebrities look so plodding and lumbering in comparison, doesn't it? Oops, Genya was supposed to hoist Afton up onto the judges' table, but she doesn't quite make it.

The judges are all very positive in their critiques. Remember that the votes are for individual dancers and not for the couples. Oh, I guess we're not getting scores.

Anna Demidova and Mayo Alanen - Jive

Anna and Mayo, who are like the tallest dancers I've ever seen, are a bit worried that the judges' might take their height as a setback in a Latin dance, but they are determined to prove their versatility. And that is exactly what they do. They might be the size of giants, but they can still shake it and their enthusiasm is infectious. I'm not too keen on Mayo's baby-fauxhawk, though, but we can work on that.

Again, the judges are overwhelmingly positive about these two dancers. This time, though, Bruno tongue-bathes Anna in a most lascivious manner.

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