Is David Ross the Worst 'Dancing with the Stars' Finalist Ever?
Is David Ross the Worst 'Dancing with the Stars' Finalist Ever?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Defying all odds and expectations, Major League Baseball player David Ross and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, have made it to the finale of Dancing with the Stars season 24. The likeable World Series champion has won universal praise for his positive attitude and can-do spirit, though his scores from the judges have left a lot to be desired.

Looking at this objectively, purely based on the judges' scores, David is undoubtedly one of the worst finalists in DWTS history. He is the first person since Kelly Monaco on the All-Stars season to reach the Final 3 without receiving a single 10 from any of the judges for any of his dances.

In season 24, he currently has the sixth-best average score from the judges, behind Normani Kordei, Rashad Jennings, Simone Biles, Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan (and it's highly unlikely that he will improve on that ranking after the finale). Only four other stars with an average score that low have ever made it to the Final 3 on Dancing with the Stars: Bristol Palin, Candace Cameron-Bure, Alek Skarlatos and the aforementioned Kelly Monaco.

While the judges scores certainly suggest that David is among the worst to reach the Finals, is he actually the worst? Here's a look back at five other DWTS finalists who might be just as bad if not worse.

Marie Osmond: Marie finished in third place on season 5 and, for the entire season, she only received three 10s, none of which came from Bruno Tonioli. But the one fact that might make her the worst finalist ever is that she's the only star to receive 7s for her finale Freestyle, that nightmare-inducing wind-up doll routine. Every other Freestyle has received only 8s, 9s and 10s.

Bristol Palin and Candace Cameron-Bure: Not including the short first season, there have only been four stars who finished in the Top 3 without ever receiving a single 10 from any of the judges. Two of them didn't make this list because they still had decent scores and impressive runs (Jerry Rice and Kelly Osbourne). But the other two, Bristol and Candace, both partnered with Mark Ballas, only had the sixth-best score of their seasons, never received a single 10 and finished in the Top 3.

Alek Skarlatos: This average joe joined season 21 shortly after he became a national hero, stopping a terrorist attack in Europe. But while the idea of someone normal competing was inspiring, it didn't really fit with the premise of Dancing with the STARS. He rode the heroism to third place, despite getting worse scores than Alexa and Carlos PenaVega or Tamar Braxton.

Bill Engvall: Season 17 featured four couples in the finale, and somehow one of them was Bill and Emma Slater. He skated by on personality and was thankfully eliminated in fourth place, but he is probably the frontrunner in the competition for worst dancer in the finale. In fact, of the 12 stars from this season, he had the fourth-worst average scores from the judges, only beating the first three who went home: Keyshawn Johnson, Bill Nye and Valerie Harper.

Is David the worst finalist or is one of these other names worthy of that dishonor? Watch him compete in the Dancing with the Stars season 24 finale on Monday, May 22 at 8/7c on ABC to find out.

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