Dancing with the Stars: Who will stay and who will go?
As Tom Bergeron kept pointing out this week, it’s the halfway point on Dancing with the Stars. I think Len said a couple of weeks back that he felt that no one was practising enough to stand out, that "everyone's the same" so far on this season of Dancing With the Stars. But I don’t think that’s the case anymore – it seems to me that there are four with a chance to make it, and three with no chance at all.
To me, it seems almost certain that the next one out will be either Billy Ray Cyrus, John Ratzenberger, or Heather Mills. Which will it be? Let’s look at them all in turn.

Billy Ray seems to have a big fanbase, especially with the fans from his daughter’s show that he’s on, Hannah Montana. But he is definitely not going to make it much farther with the judges. The man just can’t dance. And he doesn’t seem to especially want to be there. After last Monday’s performance he seemed pretty convinced that he was going home. At this point, I’m thinking he’s the next to go, but of course we’ll have to see how next Monday’s Dancing with the Stars performances go.

What about John? He doesn’t do too badly, but I just think he’s not physically up to it – he doesn’t seem to have the flexibility for some of the dances. (I also might be biased because I don’t like Edyta very much. Although I find it amusing when she doesn’t understand certain idioms like “dark horse.”)

Heather & Jonathan – now they usually do better in the Dancing with the Stars judges’ scoring than John & Edyta or Billy Ray & Karina, but Heather’s not exactly the most popular “celebrity” out there, so I doubt she’s going to get what she needs from the fans. Plus, she just doesn’t have the dancing skills. I mean, it’s awesome that she can dance as well as she does with one leg, but she can only go so far, in my opinion. She’s already fallen once, and while that’s entertaining, it’s not going to take her to the top.

So who’ll win? At this point I don’t even have a guess. The top four right now certainly seem to consistently be Apolo & Julianne, Laila & Maks, Joey & Kym, and Ian & Cheryl. I predict that barring any surprises, we’ll be down to just them soon, and then we’ll have a real competition on our hands.

What do you think? Who’ll be the next eliminated and who’s got a chance to win on Dancing with the Stars? We love to hear from you, so comment below.

-Mel Harris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Photo courtesy of ABC